Moonoversun celebrate self-love and challenge gender stereotypes on ‘GIRLS/BOYS’

Moonoversun celebrate self-love and challenge gender stereotypes on ‘GIRLS/BOYS’



+ New single celebrating self-love and challenging gender stereotypes

+ For Fans of Kero Kero Bonito, L-Vis 1990

+ Support from The 405, Too Many Blogs, Vice


“MOONOVERSUN are the latest to join a burst of post-PC music artists… ‘GIRLS/BOYS’ marries UK Wonky, bubblegum bass and pop music, channelling artists like WHARFWHIT, SOPHIE and IGlOOGHOST.” The 405

“The music constantly threatens to fall apart, but always manages to drop a great hook and keep everything together.” VICE

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Based between London & Brighton, MOONOVERSUN have produced an anthem to self-love and empowerment on GIRLS/BOYS. Accompanied by self-directed visuals, the track teases the listener with hook after hook while remaining unpredictable, with beats and vibrant synths coming at you from all angles.

Isaac and Sofia feel that “GIRLS/BOYS is a pop anthem you can party to. We feel like empowerment and self-love is important for everyone. For us the song represents a fun and playful side to music – it’s about not worrying what others think and just having a good time”.

With a striking, colourful aesthetic and a disjointed-yet-catchy sound, the duo draw influence from the likes of Charli XCX, Rihanna and Cashmere Cat. They are an equal creative partnership with both Isaac and Sofia writing, producing, and performing their music as well as directing their own videos.

Their live performance is an intense experience, with flashes of colour, strobe lights and visceral visuals. If you attend one of their infamous WONK club nights (a collaboration with VICE) you can expect a room full of balloons, bubbles and a general lack of inhibition. Recent guest performers include Wharfwhit (Kero Kero Bonito), Gnucci, Kane West and Zoee.

MOONOVERSUN emphasise the importance of imagination in their art stating, “our music is a multimedia explosion; our visual aesthetic is just as important to us as the music itself – we want to represent ourselves within both elements”.

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Moonoversun celebrate self-love and challenge gender stereotypes on ‘GIRLS/BOYS’