Moral Dilemma – Going Out On A Bang?

Moral Dilemma – Going Out On A Bang?

After eight years of releasing music, and touring all over the UK and Europe including major festivals, and building a reputation of being a staple band in the punk scene London Punk band Moral Dilemma have had to call it quits

Before having to break up the band recorded their third and sonically diverse album to date, which has already been getting airplay from Mike Davies on BBC Radio 1.

Due to the band being in debt from recording the album, and having no money to do a physical release, as well as having a lot of old merchandise they decided to leave it in the hands of their fans and release their album through fan funding. This essentially acts as a pre order system.

This isn’t just about a hard working D.I.Y band trying to break even, this is about the value that audiences have for a physical product in which to listen to music.

The album will only be available for download and on lp formats when the band hit the target goal

To donate and contribute to the pressing go to

tracks from the album can be heard on the bands you tube channel:

“Hearing he new songs fills WithGuitars with regret, a fine band’s final contribution and it reeks of quality, an album in waiting that’s passionate and wholesome” Steve Janes

Moral Dilemma- ‘Lost Cause For Alarm’

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Moral Dilemma – Going Out On A Bang?