My Cruel Goro debut ep and video

My Cruel Goro debut ep and video

My Cruel Goro release debut ep ‘My Cruel Goro’

– out 3 August 2015 on Rebel Waltz Records

My Cruel Goro are an alternative-rock band from Iceland and Italy, formed in summer 2014 and will release their self-titled ep on 3 August 2015.

The band consists of Andrea Maraschi (vocals, guitar, programming), Andrea Marcellini (bass), Tommaso Adanti (drums).

The three guys started rehearsing with no idea of what to play and how to sound like. But after few sessions they ended up playing some sort of rough and loud stuff. It was in that very moment that they pulled their heads up, looked at each other and figured out: “Yeah, that sounds good!”.

‘My Cruel Goro’ is their debut Ep.

It’s hard to label their music style since their mix of melody, punk attitude and noisy progressions paves the way for a whirling, hypnotic and fast-paced journey.

We can mention Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Weezer (“Pinkerton” era), Queens Of The Stone Age, Ash, The Dandy Warhols, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead (“Pablo Honey” and “The Bends” era), Mogwai, Pixies.

My Cruel Goro EP track listing:

1. Clash

2. Crapford

3. Glue Buzz

Watch / post video for ‘Glue Buzz’ from the ep:

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My Cruel Goro debut ep and video