Mynabirds Bear Witness to Our Sadness, Fear, and Unwavering Hope in New Video

Mynabirds Bear Witness to Our Sadness, Fear, and Unwavering Hope in New Video

The Mynabirds Bear Witness to Our Nation’s
Sadness, Fear, and Still-Unwavering Hope
in New Video, “Golden Age”

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New Album BE HERE NOW Out Friday!
(August 25)

The Mynabirds have released a video for Golden Age, from the forthcoming album BE HERE NOW, out on August 25 via Saddle Creek.  Directed by Jason Lester and starring Nicole Laliberte (the new “Twin Peaks”),  “Golden Age” takes inspiration from artist Ragnar Kjartansson’s “Woman in E”, and may similarly move people to tears.

“Golden Age”, written by Laura Burhenn (aka The Mynabirds), speaks to the sadness and fear gripping our nation, touching on neo-nazism and white supremacy, global warming, the border wall, anti-black, anti-muslim and anti-semitic hatred, and the way politics and digital media is dividing families and friends. Most importantly the song is about hanging on to hope, inviting all of us to stand up and fight for everything the statue of liberty represents: Freedom, justice and equality for all.

Lyrics to “Golden Age” can be found below.
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BE HERE NOW features 9 songs written and recorded in just 2 weeks in January 2017 following the Inauguration and the Women’s March. The album is the result of a spontaneous effort to document the news and people’s emotional reactions to it in real time. No stranger to politics in her songwriting, Laura aimed to speak from the voice of the collective consciousness in a work of “Emotional Journalism,” singing the heartbreak, anger, exhaustion and resolute hope she witnessed during the Muslim travel ban, the final stand at Standing Rock, and every other news story that rattled America in that period. The album vacillates in style and feel to reflect a frayed nation, featuring a Burundian refugee choir on one song, and a cacophony of dissonant saxophones in a new national anthem on another. It is the last recording made in that space.
BE HERE NOW was released as 3-EP set this summer, which culminates in an official album this Friday, August 25, 2017.

Catch The Mynabirds LIVE, gather as a community

August 25: Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater (tix here)
September 20: Washington DC @ DC 9 (tix here)
September 21: Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale (tix here)

Lyrics to “Golden Age”
Can you show me a good trick
Show me some magic
Can you pull the whole world
From my ear?
I hate how the best things
Keep disappearing
Like Leonard and Bowie
And the ice caps here
And we’re left with this
Ignorant bliss
When we find a good thing
We can’t hold onto it
The Golden Age
It sure was great
The sun was so pretty
We couldn’t look away

Now I can’t see my brother
My sister or mother
Through the rose-colored glasses
Of my own news feed
And the sermon I’m giving
In this new algorithm —
It’s falling on deaf ears
Cause the choir already believes
Tell me, where are our heroes
Are they stuck at the wall?
Cause we got some real villains to stop
Before they kill us all
The Golden Age
It’s ours to save
I hear the bells ringing
Are you awake?

Can you show me a your best trick
Your slick brand of magic
Your pen’s not a wand
To make us disappear
I see what you’re doing
With the Jews and the Muslims
You’re sawing us all
In half with your fake fear
My heart’s full of love
And all kinds of peace
But I think even I
Could punch a Nazi
In the face
The Golden Age
It goes away
If we stand here
With our hands up
Begging, “Don’t shoot, please!”

I’m sure Mars is nice
And I do love the moon
But this is my home
I’m not leaving anytime soon
So call if you need me
I promise I’m there
With a thermos of coffee
And cups to share
I’ll be out on my island
Until the dawn breaks
Hanging out with the night watch
My lamp raised

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Mynabirds Bear Witness to Our Sadness, Fear, and Unwavering Hope in New Video