Nahimic at SxSW 2018

Nahimic at SxSW 2018

Nahimic, is a well-known innovator of 3D audio technology.


At this year’s SxSW, Nahimic will be unveiling its new Nahimic for Mac 3D audio software solution. The new product will significantly enhance the overall sound experience, including music and gaming, for Mac users.


As you’ve probably noticed, over the last decade Nahimic have been building a strong presence in the computer audio industry, developing some of the most sophisticated 3D audio software solutions in the world. Originated and inspired by military-based research, Nahimic was born ten years ago from a school project run by talented academic engineers, whose innovative 3D sound technology caught the attention of Thales Group, a globally known brand serving the aerospace, defense, transportation and security markets. After successful integration in the PC market, the cutting-edge technology is about to become accessible for Mac users too.


After improving the sound capabilities of numerous PC products, including MSI Gaming and Asus’s ROG laptop series, the company known for being the “The Audio Reference” is now tackling the mainstream Apple computer market with a brand-new audio solution for Mac users. To meet the high standard and quality level Apple customers expect, Nahimic will present an intuitive and minimalist interface that offers powerful features including:


• Outstanding 3D Surround Sound

• Automatic Device Optimization

• Overboost Sound Volume

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Nahimic at SxSW 2018