Nashville Lyricist Grateful to Hip Hop For Saving His Life

Nashville Lyricist Grateful to Hip Hop For Saving His Life

Nashville Lyricist ShaManic

Used Hip Hop to Sustain His Sanity and Save His Life

Performs Live For Rust Magazine

“Recently RUST Magazine got together with ShaManic for a roadside rap session in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of Atlanta and we have to stay that this new artist has a smart wit, a fresh lyrical style and an individual approach to making music that is really admirable. Our shoot was down and dirty, powered with a mobile generator and completely devoid of studio tricks and ShaManic killed it on take one – twice – doing tracks Mindless and Ba Da Da Da off his new album THE ARTIST. ShaManic deals every day with personal struggles, but when the mic is on, his experiences become his inspiration and he takes ideas into uncharted and unexpected places. In a genre overstuffed with under talented wannabe’s relying on studio tricks, ShaManic distinguishes himself with authentic and original ideas and he’s capable of rocking the stage even when the stage is a street corner and the audience is passing traffic.” – Rust Magazine

Nashville lyricist and new comer ShaManic has managed to garner praises from major hip hop authorities.ShaManic is grateful to the hip hop community for opening a lane to him that did not exist before.

His expressive album chronicles ShaManic’s inner struggles that led to the dark periods in his life and his triumphs over debilitating health issues. THE ARTIST includes his acclaimed singles Badadada, Mindless and the emotionally powerful Mr. Anderson. Listeners of the album will take notice of his dynamic beats, diverse melodies and passionate vocals, while taking you on a journey of his pain, joy and experimentation throughout ShaManic’s life as a child and as an adult.

“One of the things that really drew me to hip hop and rap is that it’s so focused on the words. I’ve been into poetry my whole life and this allowed me to combine poetry, music and storytelling into a single art form,” says ShaManic as he describes his creative process and how he used hip hop as therapy during his time in a mental institution.

ShaManic’s debut arrives nearly half a decade into his musical career and finds the young rapper grappling with the health issues he’s struggled with over the last several years.


Nashville’s ShaManic shares his drug-riddled fantasy world in his video release from debut album The Artist.

Inspired by the movie Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas starring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro, MINDLESS is the perfect track and visual for ShaManic’s Asher Roth meets Eminem flow.

ShaManic may not seem to be your ordinary rapper, but as soon as you close your eyes and listen, you feel it.


THE ARTIST is on sale in stores and online now!

For digital downloads and more information on ShaManic log on to

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Nashville Lyricist Grateful to Hip Hop For Saving His Life