Nescora ‘Some Place Some Where’

Nescora ‘Some Place Some Where’

NYC-based singer-songwriter Nescora’s infectious blend of folk rock and Americana is followed up with hints of blues and country that is reminiscent of Tom Petty and Father John Misty.

Born in the East Village of Manhattan in the 1960’s, Nescora grew up during an era when soul music was playing heavily on the streets.  Nescora proved himself to be a deft musician and his love for Motown music led him to perform in a harmony group, which resulted in performances at the Apollo as a teen where he won Amateur night 6 weeks straight.  Nes eventually developed a bit of wanderlust over the years, later moving to Puerto Rico, where he was recruited to play pro basketball and soon after showed his chops on the Puerto Rico Olympic Basketball Team.  During that time, he would work at an Irish Pub during the off-season, where he was inducted into the world of the rock ‘n’ roll, world music, and acoustic music.  His move to Puerto Rico would eventually lead him to travel extensively throughout South America and then back to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he became a licensed massage therapist.

His worldly travels would later become the inspiration behind his debut album Some Place Some Where.  Over the years, he would also get to know a handful of musicians who would later on get to work with him on a handful of acoustic original songs that would later on be compiled into his brand new album.

The poignant storytelling evident on the soundtrack gets played out from the very start of the album.  The very first track, “Together Play Together Pray,” begins with a sparse arrangement with just the sound of the guitar and then drums.  The acoustic music is altogether majestic and soothing.  The music doesn’t accost you like some modern day tunes do today.  It simply eases you in into its fold with its blend of classic rock ‘n’ roll, Americana, country, and alternative rock.  The vocals, which are filled with reverb from the mic is a sonic mixture of great energy and inspirational beats.

On “Rescue,” the singer-songwriter invites us into his version of folk and dares us to take a gander into his space that is filled with the electric sounds of the guitar and bass.  This song has a darker sound than the previous track.  The ensuing vocals are haunting and the music has a distinct depth to it that pulls it apart from the more happy-go-lucky melodies.  A bit of psychedelic could be heard from the electric guitar, giving this track a tinge of something more magnetic.

“Krazy Over U” is a sentimental song filled with the strumming on acoustic guitar and a bit of vibrant strings.  The orchestral elements adds to the lush song and is surprising and startling.  The fresh cadence harmonizes with the exquisite sound of a piano melody that definitely adds a driving force to the vocal harmonies.

The following track, “Pray For Rain,” contains a bluesy Americana sound with an alternative and folk vibe.  The fervent energy that could be heard in the great blues sound is evident as we can hear the band jamming hard in the background.  There is a great vibe on the piano as well as there follows a piano solo that is altogether upbeat and catchy, creating a contagious sound.

On “Find Out,” we see Nes producing a track bursting with flavors.  The gritty blues sound and jaunty, bouncy tune ill-contained with a county twang has the seasoned musician cooing along to the rocking tune.  The well-grounded sound coming from the giant guitar licks is invigorating and heavily embedded into the polished sound.

“Buy U A Mini Coop” starts off with the exquisite sounds coming off of the guitar accompanied with the piano.  It is a great welling of acoustic sound that saunters off with some true blue blues and altogether dynamic build up that strongly attests to a melancholy vibe.  Nes really takes the reins in with his stellar vocals in this track.  The bottomless sound and vocal range erupts with the slow keening sound on the violin.

On “Rapid In My Head,” is sweltering with a strong country vibe.  Yet waves of the blues create a sweeping sound on the recording.  The great staccato beat makes this sound more saucy and memorable.  The hazy sound centered with a great mix of blues and country within the track certainly adds more sway.

The last track to the album, “Days Are Gone,” is followed by an electric guitar and piano accompaniment – altogether a great airing to the start of the song.  Gritty and bluesy vocals unfolds and the piano also adds to the mellow backdrop.  Blend of guitar, drums, and violin add to the overall grasping sound.

There is an obvious great live energy to these original recordings.  It wouldn’t be surprising to find yourself bobbing your head or tapping your feet at one of his shows.  This series of songs could only be harnessed after his well-spent travels while abroad.  Scenes from his journey pass through this visionary album, from Puerto Rico to his travels throughout South America and back to Brooklyn again and we get to see this in “Buy U A Mini Coop,” a song he wrote after his favorite supermarket checkout girl broke the news to him that she was moving to Long Island and his vows to buy her a mini coop to accompany her on the journey, and “Days Are Gone,” which was inspired by a dream Nes had about his late mother, who imparted the idea to the song to him in the dream.  About the inspiration behind the song, he says, “She came into my room with an old turntable and a record and said, ‘I have a song for you.’  I listened studiously and when I woke up I recorded it verbatim.”

These bluesy renditions add to the all-encompassing honky donk and country twang prevalent on Some Place Some Where.  Overall, this is a music enthused album that will take you on a musical journey throughout the heart of America and into lands untraveled.  Filled with a sweltering country twang and a guitar licking sound, Nescora sings in a fiery-spirited manner and spits the lyrics out in sure-fire succession.  Altogether about the ebbs and flows of life and about love and its’ losses, Some Place Some Where crops up a big bluesy sound that associates itself with his soul-searching wanderings and places left to explore.  This album has a great energy to it, so be sure you give it a listen today! 7.7/10

My Nguyen

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Nescora ‘Some Place Some Where’