Netsuke release video for ‘Heliotrope’

Netsuke release video for ‘Heliotrope’


FFO Bjork & Animal Collective

‘Heliotrope’ is the upcoming single from Netsuke, set for release on April 13th via Illustrated Records. Formed from the ashes of respective award-winning bands in their homeland, the Sydney born and London based trio take inspiration from a myriad of artists from Bjork to Animal Collective, creating atmospheric pop with intricate electronic textures and ethereal soundscapes. After solid stints in their former bands and supporting the likes of Gold Panda and Junip, Danny Keig and siblings Freya and Elias Berkhout came together last year, honing their innovative sound before heading to London with a fully-realised body of work.


Debut single ‘Heliotrope’ is an utterly enchanting affair, blending dizzy lo-fi with pop hooks; a unique brand of uplifting electronica with a defining innocence. It sounds different, but not so foreign that it’s impossible to understand, and once you are comfortable with it, you can let it unleash its steady power upon your mind. The entire song is a nonstop melody, incorporating multiple themes and creating a sound that really is the band’s own.


The video, directed by John Paul McElwee with cinematography by Adric Watson, mirrors the songs, other-worldly, fantastical elements. With a mystical storyline and beautifully serial, cinematic imagery the video, filmed in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, really is the perfect accompaniment to this brilliant debut.

Watch the video for ‘Heliotrope’ here

JP and Adric’s website can be seen here:


Netsuke’s live show is a stunning, audio-visual experience, featuring captivating, antiphonal vocals awash in a sea of drum machines, synthesisers and processed guitars. The onstage synergy is a revelation, with Freya and Elias’ vocal harmonies interweaving with inherent ease, complimented by Danny’s innovative guitar sounds. It is clear Netsuke are not just a family but an antipodean force to be reckoned with.

2015 will see the release of three singles across the year leading to their debut album release in 2016.

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Netsuke release video for ‘Heliotrope’