New Circle album Terminal, now streaming; released today via Southern Lord

New Circle album Terminal, now streaming; released today via Southern Lord



Terminal is the latest album of pure hedonistic pleasure from Circle, a band who are the very definition of genre-defying. Terminal is gloriously fruitful in tones, shapes, colours and sounds. Eccentric, accessible, delightful and thrilling, the album is released today via Southern Lord and streaming now via The Quietus and Rumba (Finland).
Never content on staying the same, they have created an idiosyncratic cocktail of sonic fusions, conjuring an impulsive, dizzying energy that stirs a spirit of curiosity within the listener, and has the ability to possess all who encounter them. Whilst many would run out of creative steam (certainly after 30+ albums), Circle continue to boldly explore sonic soundscapes, venturing curiously into terrains of Stooges-esque swagger, trance-inducing kraut rock mantras, beautiful electronic ambience, psychedelic rock noodling, arena storming AOR weirdness, 70s prog rock extravagance, glam pop pomp, and of course their core sound, heavy metal, not to mention other peculiar and daring sounds that simply cannot be pigeon-holed.



1. Rakkautta Al Dente

2. Terminal

3. Saxo

4. Imperiumi

5. Kill City

6. Sick Child


“A Swedish journalist recently declared Circle the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world after witnessing a particularly intense performance. Listening to Terminal, it’s difficult to find any reasonable grounds to disagree.” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“Claiming to have little knowledge of what’s going on in the Finnish metal scene and citing no fellow bands within their own style, Circle are an outlier to say the least. Deliberately existing outside of established genres, Circle can best be described as a satisfyingly mystic mix of heavy metal guitars, real and made-up languages, and forward-driving riffs.”  – THE QUIETUS

“Rather than drawing you in to the gaps and the connections, the music here is solid and muscular, sweeping the listener along with it. Terminal works best when the band shears closer to Def Leppard than Pelican – this wall of guitar is a solid structure, doused in rude Nordic graffiti, where previously it had been more like the angular and non-loadbearing wall of an art installation. In combination with this more solid style of percussion, Terminal manages to combine the peroxide raunch of glam with the sheer volume of drone.” – THE WIRE

“The title track is flat out the greatest guitar track I’ve heard all year, possibly all decade…a wonderful collision of metal, prog, noise rock, krautrock and garage that laughs maniacally at your genres whilst putting one foot on the monitor and doing the claw. Bow down before its majesty.” – NARC

“There’s a combination of gleeful mischief and lethally intense focus that characterises everything they do…Terminal is among their most pleasurable collections. There’s something joyous about the way in which they take such overly familiar rock tropes and treat them with precisely the right amounts of moist reverence and granite-faced disdain, all shot through with that ineffable, infuriatingly elusive Circleness.” – THE LIST


Orders for Terminal are available via the Southern Lord and Southern Lord Europe stores, and bandcamp.

(photo credit: Kimmo Metsaranta)

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New Circle album Terminal, now streaming; released today via Southern Lord