New EP from Carousels & Limousines

New EP from Carousels & Limousines

The title track of the EP ‘Strange Love’, more of an acoustic affair, if you haven’ heard yet, has a brilliant psychedelic video below.

The band play live tomorrow night in London at The Hawley Arms also if you fancy coming out.

Artist: Carousels & Limousines

EP: Strange Love

Released: November 17th 2014

Label: Pulteney Records


“Strange love. Tell me what I wanna know.

Strange love. Pick it up and let it go.”


Featuring a kaleidoscope of colours, astral realms and a range of rotating bones, ‘Strange Love’ seemingly takes cues from Devandra Banhart and Portugal. The Man at the very least.”- Art Rocker

if the cosmos, kaleidoscopic hypnotism, self-assembling luminous skeletons and solar explosions are your bag (they really should be), we’d advise you click play”- The Quietus


Every once in a while, a one in a million moment, there is a song written which coupled with a time, place and situation brings alignment with a Higher Force to exact perfect synchronicity of original motive and final outcome.


Imagine thousands of festival goers in the fields at Glastonbury 2014 in torrential rain hedonistically chanting ‘Shes In The Water, Shes In The Water’ and you’ll get the purpose of this song fully, and an accurate picture of exactly what happened this year during the power cuts and brief thunderous storms at Glastonbury during Carousels and Limousines’ set. The Pyramid Stage shut down, most acts scheduled at that time refused to go on, but this band from Bath refused to miss their slot by strapping on their acoustic guitars instead of going electric and simply took over with a massive sing-a-long forcing The Guardian and NME to pick up on the heartfelt situation.


A bit like Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ – “if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted. One moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?”


It would appear Carousels & Limousines take their answer to this question posed by the Shady one literally. They know only too well that to be a band in 2014 is a struggle to be heard, like never before. The outlets like You Tube, Spotify and Soundcloud are there, but the choice on offer is virtually infinite. Locking in a fanbase that’s real, that makes it worth pursuing as a career requires the level of tenacity demonstrated above. It also requires great songs and musicianship to record and play live and do it with such purpose that you can affect lives and mend souls.

This is what great music is all about and is what Carousels adhere to from every pore, from left of stage to right, they are as one, and their audience harnesses that energy until the circle of trust is complete.


The new ‘Strange Love’ EP is a real statement of intent. Four songs which almost make you think or imagine what it was like for teenagers in the 60s to excitedly run home from the store with the new Led Zeppelin or Stones album, then getting that vinyl on the player and staring longingly as the disc rotates and magic comes through the speaker.


It is the music of five old souls released through the talent of five young affable, handsome gents from Bath.


This is why we do what we do.


‘Strange Love’ EP Tracklisting:

1. superman

2. don’t look down

3. in the water

4. strange love


Carousels & Limousines UK Live Dates:

Wed Oct 8 – Library (acoustic), Islington

Thur Oct 9 – Hawley Arms, Camden

Thur Nov 6 – Monarch, Camden

Mon Nov 10 – Komedia (acoustic), Bath

Thur Nov 13- Mr. Wolf’s, Bristol

Thur Dec 4 – Monarch, Camden


More info and tracks at

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New EP from Carousels & Limousines