The New Faith 6 Oct debut album, 1 Sept single

The New Faith 6 Oct debut album, 1 Sept single


release debut album ‘Me On You’

on 6th October 2017 on Faith Healer Records

– second single ‘Fritter Away’ set for release on 1st September –

Watch / stream / post video for ‘Too Sad To Be Young’ here:

“Reminiscent of Morrissey with his emotional turmoil, Bowie’s delicate flamboyance and Bryan Ferry with his sharp sartorial standards. Conveys an array of innate emotion”


“Languid indie songcraft that fuses deeply British melancholy

with a distinct sense of glamour”  CLASH

“A The National-esque rouser meets The Divine Comedy” THE CRACK

“Flowing with the deep melancholy of frontman Will Charlton’s vocals, alongside delicate harmonies and a rich orchestral grandeur, it’s a truly majestic creation” GIGSLUTZ

The New Faith release their debut album ‘Me On You’ on 6th October. With a distinctly British sound evoked by a yearning heart and the dizzy inertia of youth, TNF’s uproarious soundtrack to growing up is the product of small town dreams, failure, control and loss. Balancing melodic genius with lyrical brilliance, their grandiose yet melancholic sound features gospel choirs and orchestral strings, laced with an addictive pop sensibility that is at once haunting, beautiful, uplifting and heartfelt.

The album follows two singles, ‘Fritter Away’ and TNF’s debut release, ‘Too Sad To Be Young’, an evocative exploration of music making that was well received in the media.

Hailing from Brighton, TNF is fronted by singer and songwriter Will Charlton, whose sublimely controlled baritone croon sits a-top a wall of guitar and the orchestral arrangements of a band whose sound flits between tender and grandeur. Based around family, love and personal battles, youth and adulthood, and co-written with guitarist Sam Baldwin, the record’s fourteen reflective  songs narrate Will’s different relationships as he relocated between towns and territories.  Describing the content of ‘Me On You’, he states that “The tracklisting reflects the story from beginning to end. I moved to Berlin to follow the European dream, had a break up and moved to Brighton not knowing where I really wanted to be. I tried to write songs to close the chapter. The idea is that as well as being a narrative of the past, the album is also an account of my relations with other people.”

The opening track, the anthemic ‘There, There’, is about being young and naive, “all those things you’re warned about in your youth that you inevitably become,” he continues, with ”Look The Other Way’, ‘Berlin’ and ‘Sometimes Are’ being “the most telling and representative of the album’s theme, each about a different person, a different place; trying to come to an understanding of how things always seem to turn out the same.” The new single ‘Fritter Away’ “is written as a letter to my nephew to warn him of the future and what happens as you get older; the transition between youth and adulthood and the emotions he is still too young to understand,” while ‘Thirst For The Living Water’ Parts 1 to 3 bookend a letter written in a more reflective tone, “from the fallout of excess to ending up where you didn’t ever want to be.”

‘Me On You’ is mixed and produced by Dave Izumi, whose flair and flavour comes from his beautifully crafted Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne. “It’s full of reel to reel tape machines, old synths, steinway pianos, a rhino’s head, a mousse’s head and Tony Visconti’s old mixer.” It sees the band reproduce their highly original songs, handpicked from late night sessions and hours of bedroom recordings and home demos. Two years and a day since Dave first heard the band and called saying he wanted to record them, The New Faith have created a peerless union of relatable lyrics, traditional songwriting and audacious arrangements; a stunning songbook filled with variety and colour.

‘Me On You’ will be available in black, grey and burgundy embossed cover artwork.

The New Faith have announced details of their album launch party, They will play Brighton’s Bgighthelm on 13th October, with more UK dates to be announced.

The New Faith are:

Will Charlton / singer, songwriter

Sam Baldwin / guitar / co-writer

Alistair Scott / bass

Stephen Smith / drums

Jenna Wild /  keyboards / piano

“and an array of backing singers, horns, sax players and string sections …”

‘ME ON YOU’ album tracklisting

1 There, There

2 Thirst For The Living Water Part 1

3 Too Sad To Be Young

4 Thirst For The Living Water Part 2

5 Fritter Away

6 Look The Other Way

7 Berlin

8 Sometimes

9 Young Heart Attack

10 Communicate

11 Haunted and Whole

12 Small Hours

13 Thirst For The Living Water Part 3

14 Aerials

Watch / stream / post video for Listen to ‘Look The Other Way’

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The New Faith 6 Oct debut album, 1 Sept single