New: Gothenburg based alt pop trio Wildhart release new single ‘Shake Off’ – announce debut album ‘Shine’

New: Gothenburg based alt pop trio Wildhart release new single ‘Shake Off’ – announce debut album ‘Shine’

Gothenburg, Sweden based trio Wildhart announce debut album ‘Shine’ – share lead single ‘Shake Off’

– “an intriguing prospect.” THE LINE OF BEST FIT

– “deep, exploratory pop.” DIY

– “a cinematic sweep, but inside the shimmering structure lie some rather darker depths…exceptional pop” CLASH

– “oozing sensuality…Wildhart look set to be Scandinavia’s next big thing” NOTION
Today sees Swedish trio Wildhart announce their long-awaited debut album ‘Shine’, as well as sharing the lead single from the album – ‘Shake Off’.
Stream ‘Shake Off’ here:
Wonderfully hard to pin down, this is deconstructed, effervescent, intriguing pop music, with a true Swedish heart. Wildhart manage to deftly incorporate elements of jazz, indie rock, and electronic pop – into one fluid hybrid.
‘Don’t let any man, ever hold you back, don’t let him cut your wings, or pull you off the track’ – singer Ylva Holmdahl cries in Shake Off’s rousing finale. “Shake Off is a fuck you to all the hardships that you carry inside when living in an patriarchic world” explain the band.
It’s very easy to get lost in Wildhart’s world. New single ‘Shake Off’ speaks volumes for what the trio are all about. Not intent on writing music with that instant, conventional pop hook – Wildhart clearly want their fans to take their time with the music their creating; to slowly bring them into their captivating world.
Speaking a little more on the lyrical background behind the new single, the band said: “It’s a cry of frustration — but at the same time an anthem, a source to find strength in.”

Wildhart’s atmospheric sound has already seen comparisons to the icy Scandinavian qualities of acts like Little Dragon. Recorded entirely in synth-player Kiwi Berg’s basement – new album ‘Shine’ however never really stays true to one genre. Arguably comparable to Minneapolis synth rock outfit POLIÇA, and Californian quartet Warpaint – Wildhart are swiftly becoming one of the most exciting, and interesting outfits coming out of Scandinavia right now.

Managing to totally maintain their distinct electronic-leaning alternative pop sound, utilising a swirling cacophony of distant synth work, schizophrenic – yet alluring vocal work, and cleverly written and performed percussion – ‘Shake Off’ is a superlative return.

Wildhart’s debut album ‘Shine’ will be released 11th November, via Swedish label Gaphals.
Preorder CD/vinyl here:
Wildhart are: Ylva Holmdahl (vocals), Kiwi Berg (synthesizers) and Josefin Runsteen (drums)



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New: Gothenburg based alt pop trio Wildhart release new single ‘Shake Off’ – announce debut album ‘Shine’