New Hope – Fungo Bat Awakens

New Hope – Fungo Bat Awakens

A New Hope – Fungo Bat Awakens

With a Pulp Fiction inspired video

The upcoming Star Wars-flick gives us an ominous synopsis, alluding that the Jedi will be extinct. Just when this distant world seems to be in peril, now more than ever, we need peculiar individuals who bring some light and balance to the force. Dutch musician Sam Verbeek, aka Fungo Bat, is the rare bird… no, BAT type, who lifts you up with a garage rock/bizarro pop hybrid SO infectious and rousing, it resuscitates spirit and body like an injection of adrenaline into the heart.

Fungo Bat began as a homespun project sprung from Verbeek’s fondness for 60s and 70s-era beat and psychedelic music. His self-titled debut EP presents a wonderful tussle between punk rock’s get-up-and-go spirit and wily pop craft, applying colorful palette of fuzzed guitars and bright bubbly synths. As far as catchy-as-hell hooks go, Fungo Bat clears the fence four times out of four. The video for ‘Automobile’ indulges in the – for some, insufferable – Dutch tradition of drowning everything in mayonnaise, from French fries to, yes, actual people too. Like the video, the song is an epic chase scene that turns a wee bit messy.
Quite a way to kickstart your swashbuckling adventure, is it not? In the meantime, Verbeek has collected a four-piece group along his travels to blast Fungo Bat’s oddball psych pop joyride way off into hyperspace.

“We can’t stop here, this is bat country!”

Fungo Bat – Automobile

Vincent: But, you know what they put on French fries in Holland instead of ketchup?
Jules: What?
Vincent: Mayonnaise.
Jules: God damn!
Vincent: I seen them do it, man, they fucking drown them in that shit.
Jules: That’s some fucked up shit.

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New Hope – Fungo Bat Awakens