new Kinnie Starr single: Big World

new Kinnie Starr single: Big World

“BIG WORLD” // From forthcoming album “Feed the Fire”

this track was meant to inspire the way my mom has always inspired me with her curiosity, loyalty and genuine enthusiasm. It’s a big world! Let’s make it a good one! Get up, take a walk, go outside, and do something nice for someone. Do it EVERY DAY.– Kinnie Starr


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“BIG WORLD”: new single from Kinnie Starr

“Big World” is a “love-hop” nod to 90s pop, positive lyricism and a counter-punch to the more brooding previous single, “Gotta Do Something.”

This is the 2nd single from upcoming album, Feed the Fire, a record born out of her recovery from a traumatic brain injury she received in a car accident after the release of 2014’s From Far Away. In the frustration and chaos that ensued as Starr’s body and brain struggled to work together as they used to, her interest in the nature of communication deepened. In this era where immediacy is king and anxiety disorders rise alongside extroversion and “urgent” digital chatter, the upcoming album Feed the Fire will be a critical look at where we are at in our relationships to the screen, to our faiths, and to each other.


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new Kinnie Starr single: Big World