New > KOKOKO! > Announce Autumn 2017 > Dates here

New > KOKOKO! > Announce Autumn 2017 > Dates here


Announce Autumn 2017 Tour

Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin shows


KOKOKO! is an explosive new band with an alternative sound crafted in Kinshasa, DRC, made up of local artists, instrument inventors and prolific French producer débruit. The project came about when production company La Belle Kinoise (Staff Benda Bilili, Jupiter’s Dance), invited débruit to Kinshasa for a month-long residency in 2016 to collaborate with the innovative artists they were documenting across the emerging contemporary art scene.

After building a recording studio together out of mattresses, wood they could find and the rest of a broken ping pong table, the Congolese musicians and the itinerant Breton producer began exploring each other’s ideas, sounds, and cultural influences. By the end of a month of working intensely in their new studio, exploring Kinshasa by night, and sleeping whenever there was a spare moment, they had the bones of a debut album and KOKOKO! was born.

Since the launch of their three-minute introductory video – which was supported by TIME, i-D and Telekom Electronic Beats – KOKOKO! have gone viral, amassing 2 million views across various platforms. Their sold-out debut European tour in June captured the imagination of many, with over 800 attending their second ever show in Brussels, and 200 outside unable to get in to watch them play.

KOKOKO!’s debut two-track EP, Tokoliana/L.O.V.E., held an infectious blend of psychedelic post-punk, finding favour from Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, Bandcamp Daily, BBC Radio 1, as well as being featured in Spotify’s premiere tastemaker playlist, Fresh Finds.
Now KOKOKO! will bring their electrifying live show across Europe throughout October and November, playing across France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy, as well as a residency at the 25th anniversary of the London Jazz Festival.

Tour Dates:

21/10/17, NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam, ADE Festival

22/10/17, FRANCE, Paris, New Morning (Club) in Worldstock festival,

26/10/17, SWITZERLAND, Genève, Club La Graviere

27/10/17, FRANCE, Strasbourg, Django Reinhardt Club

03/11/17, SWITZERLAND, Düdingen, Club

04/11/17, FRANCE, Lyon, Club

08/11/17, FRANCE, Angers, Club Chabada

09/11/17, FRANCE, Rennes, Club Antipode

10/11/17, FRANCE, Le Mans, Club Les Saulnieres

11/11/17, FRANCE, Lorient, Festival Les Indisciplinees

12/11/17, UK, London, London Jazz Festival

13/11/17, UK, London, London Jazz Festival

17/11/17, SWITZERLAND, Zürich, Alors Festival

18/11/17, FRANCE, Metz, Festival

20/11/17, GER, Hamburg, Club Uebel & Gefarlich

21/11/17, GER, Berlin, Club Gretchen

22/11/17, FRANCE, Amiens, Club Lune Des Pirates

24/11/17, ITALY, Milan, Festival Linecheck

25/11/17, FRANCE, Paris, Festival Chorus






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New > KOKOKO! > Announce Autumn 2017 > Dates here