New > Listen > These Evil Streets – ‘Beware Tha Freaks’ EP > Out Now

New > Listen > These Evil Streets – ‘Beware Tha Freaks’ EP > Out Now

These Evil Streets

‘Beware Tha Freaks’ EP


Out Now!
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“First they take your hearing, then they take your weekend, then they take your family!

These Evil Streets have claimed many: the brave, the foolish, the forgotten. They rule your towns and cities with impunity. Clap your hands when they are near, fall to your knees in rapture, for they know you and they know of what you do.They have escaped their cages deep in the darkest jungle and now they hunt with purpose.
Having fanned the flames of both hype & hysteria since they were first declared “incurable” by a system that could no longer control them they move in unison and strike without warning. From London to Chicago and everywhere in-between the name is respected, the sound is feared and the rep one of straight infamy.
Beware tha Freaks: for they run These Evil Streets!”



1. Flames
2. Clap Your Hands
3. Beware Tha Freaks!!


About These Evil Streets

These Evil Streets (Jake Roberts & Connor Pithers) are a duo bound by voracious interests in club music and sonic experimentation. Having formed in 2013 after meeting through the 100Faces collective, they have gone onto release on Rushmore’s Trax Couture imprint — they dropped the 8th volume on the label’s renowned ‘World Series’ EP run — as well as labels like PRJKTS and Top Billin’. Inspired predominantly by UK Funky and Baltimore Club, the duo have also held down a regular show on London’s Radar Radio since 2015, with regular guests including OG grime MCs like Jammer, Jamakabi and former Neckle Camp member, Ears.

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New > Listen > These Evil Streets – ‘Beware Tha Freaks’ EP > Out Now