New Music: Cemetery Sun

New Music: Cemetery Sun

Sacramento-area alt-pop band Cemetery Sun is set to release their self-titled debut EP this fall. Please take a listen to the first single, “(Hard Drugs) Fake Love

My head is spinning in a dark room…
…hard drugs, fake love, it’s a sensation…. makes one hell of a collaboration
-“(Hard Drugs) Fake Love”

Cemetery Sun // (Hard Drugs) Fake Love


Cemetery Sun finds its center around the idea of overcoming life’s self-imposed obstacles, learning to love what surrounds them and ultimately discovering who they are and how to pave the way for others.
Their sound is a mash up of Alt-rock, pop and a good dose of hip-hop beats. Many of their guitar leads are influenced by Dr. Dre with the vocal melodies inspired by Ellie Goulding and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park).
The song defines the façades you witness going out—jaded people, lost in feelings of lust, selfishness, or vice-related highs. It’s a constant reminder of how easy it is to find yourself alone in that scene; where you can quickly forget who your real friends are and what truly makes you happy. – Josh

“(Hard Drugs) Fake Love” available @ iTunes Amazon Google play

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New Music: Cemetery Sun