New Music // Debut release from Norwegian duo Jimmy Smash

New Music // Debut release from Norwegian duo Jimmy Smash



Norwegian, dreamy synth pop duo drop their debut release ‘Macadamian’.

Their sound is at times reminiscent of Dornik and challenges the pop music of today.

Produced in-house and draws on influences from experimental R&B, hip-hop and soul.


superbly evocative piece of music with a seductive edge”Clash


Oslo-based, dreamy R&B duo Jimmy Smash burst into the limelight with their debut single ‘Macadamian’.
From start to finish Håvard Lyngstad’s smooth, dulcet tones draw you in. Dreamy and floating, his voice exudes warmth and comfort, perfectly poised above a soulful ambience created by Mikkel Guttormsen, whose easy-going, swinging rhythm rolls gently along a bed of distant synths. The premise and underlying melody for ‘Macadamia’ was created on a “beat-up” Finnish guitar from the 80s, providing a certain nostalgic element to the instrumental; drifting away with Jimmy Smash, you can almost feel yourself reliving happy the halcyon days, when everything was perhaps simpler.
Produced in-house and with full creative control over the finished product, the Norwegians revel in ambiguity as they explain, “it is important that every listener is free to interpret the song the way they want. We intend to challenge the pop music of today.”
Guttormsen and Lyngstad both grew up in Fredrikstad, Norway, and although they socialised in the same circles, didn’t cross paths until 2012 in Oslo. Mikkel is a classically trained pianist whose long-term  affinity for hip hop, led to him DJ’ing at parties and clubs around Norway, showcasing his home-crafted rap beats. A multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, vocals) and initially working as a singer-songwriter, Håvard transitioned into R&B at a later stage after realising the freedom for intricate wordplay and complex narritives. Discovering a shared passion for soul, R&B and groovy beats, the pair have been continuously collaborating and making music in their home studio.
At times reminiscent of Dornik, Jimmy Smash’s promising debut delivers a musical breath of fresh air shrouded in mystery, and with more music on the way, the Norwegian duo are certainly one to watch.




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New Music // Debut release from Norwegian duo Jimmy Smash