New Music: Pacific Heights releases visuals for soulful, meditative new single ‘Breath and Bone’,

New Music: Pacific Heights releases visuals for soulful, meditative new single ‘Breath and Bone’,

Pacific Heights releases stunning video for Breath and Bone’, alongside debut album The Stillness

Pacific Heights releases visuals for single ‘Breath and Bone‘, in support of his debut album The Stillness released via Create/Control (out now).
‘Breath and Bone’ floats between synth waves, with Pacific Heights remarkable grasp on pulsating, ambient soundscapes and Deanne Krieg’s graceful voice giving the song a mysterious, melancholic atmosphere. The rich textures created by vocals samples, plucked guitar and electronic elements offer a sophisticated colour to the production, taking the listening on a poetic, melodious journey.


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The song uses these physical terms as a metaphorical expression around the idea of a transforming moment shared by two humans. Breath – representing one brief but essential moment and Bone – representing an everlasting linger of that brief moment. The video was a vessel to explore the nature of this moment through interpretive dancing. The dancer is a figure that translates this moment within a space that is unseen by any other spectator or species, once again highlighting the loneliness of the journey post this encounter. The video was shot in two contrasting geographic locations in the South Island of New Zealand.
The song is yet another rich and cinematic production, with ghostly vocals and an intensity that recalls the brooding synth pop of Poliça and Daughter, but with Pacific Heights’ signature sonic atmosphere surrounding the entire composition.

“Though the track and video are essentially about loneliness, there’s something comforting in the abstract surreality of it. Seriously, if the week’s been treating you poorly so far, shut the world out and pop this on”Complex UK


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Pacific Heights (aka Devin Abrams) has an incredible knack for transforming the sonic into the cinematic, as shown in the rich textures, smoky edges, and flaring electronic surges of the rich production in his music.
‘Breath and Bone’ is the fourth single from his debut album, following on from the equally majestic ‘So Love’, ft. Shaan Singh, Buried By The Burden ft. Louis Baker’ and debut single ‘Airborne’ ft. Deanne Krieg. The Stillness heralds the start of an illustrious solo career for Pacific Heights, as he begins to make his deep mark on the electronic music scene.

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‘The Stillness’ is available digitally now on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music via Create/Control.


Pacific Heights

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New Music: Pacific Heights releases visuals for soulful, meditative new single ‘Breath and Bone’,