new release Hello Casanova – I Am A Machine

new release Hello Casanova – I Am A Machine

Hello Casanova – I Am A Machine

FOR FANS OF: Jimmy Eat World, Alkaline Trio, Blink 182, All Time Low, Green Day



Northern Irish outfit Hello Casanova debut their monstrously powerful single ‘I Am A Machine’.


After teasing new music from their upcoming EP with, ‘I Don’t Want To Talk’, Hello Casanova are now debuting their second official single, ‘I Am A Machine’.

Hailing from Armagh in Northern Ireland, Hello Casanova (previously known as Foreign Affairs) create catchy songs with mass amounts of energy and an anthemic twist. They write sweet and catchy pop punk songs about the world they’re living in. Their songs focus on heart, drive and passion for the pop punk genre, with every song conveying meaning drawn from their own real life experiences and issues.

Hello Casanova are Matt Irwin (rhythm guitar and vocals), Ethan Williamson (lead guitar and vocals), Martin Miller (Drum Kit/Percussion). Peter Close (Jealous Of The Birds) supplied bass guitar on the upcoming EP.

The single, a 2 minute 11 second powerhouse rock anthem hits you in the chest and traps you within the song with its crunching opening baseline, dark lyrical themes and roaring guitars and poignant drums. Working again with acclaimed producer Rocky O’Reilly (And So I Watch You From A Far, Fighting With Wire, Bella Union, exmagician) the band were able to create a song that develops on their existing pop rock sound but adds contrast to the more pop sound that influenced the last two tracks. This composition strongly calls to mind such modern-day bands as Rise Against and My Chemical Romance.

The music video of the track is a simple performance video that accurately captures the power and aggression that the song displays. Ethan Williamson says, ‘We debated making a video that told a story that was fitting with the lyrical content. However, after bouncing ideas we concluded that the lyrics themselves and the sheer energy of the song is what needed to be displayed. We worked with our friends, ‘Jack McNally’ and ‘Sam Frisby’  to create a video we felt best served the track’.

“Contrasting from, ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ being the happiest song we’ve ever written, ‘I Am A Machine’ is probably the darkest. The song was written as my Nana was nearing the end of her battle with cancer and the lyrics document how it can feel to have somebody you love leave you through no fault of their own. It also deals with the daily grind, having a tough time at your job, university, school or if life just hasn’t been going your way. It was the most cathartic song I’ve ever written. It helped me deal with the hardest thing I’ve ever went through. However it’s not all doom and gloom as I believe by stating it in the open, ‘We’re not built to last’ is a declaration that nothing lasts forever and if we truly accept that, we can savour each moment that little bit more’ says vocalist Matt Irwin.

Hello Casanova are:-
Matt Irwin – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Ethan Williamson – Lead guitar and Vocals
Martin Miller – Drums
Peter Close – Bass


Upcoming live dates
July 14 Mullans, Downpatrick
July 30 Sunflower Festival
Aug 3 Whelans, Dublin
Aug 4 Sandinos, Derry
Aug 5 Victoria Armagh
Aug 10 Belfast venue TBC

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new release Hello Casanova – I Am A Machine