The New Rock n Roll is WITHGuitars.

The New Rock n Roll is WITHGuitars.

The site name, WITH GUITARS is a public service announcement in its own right.

Currently, some “indie” press are picking up on “rock n roll” after Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys speech at The Brits. Within days that was more history than historic but the debate about the debate has raged.

If the excitement, at all levels, for recordings and performances with guitars is anything to go by, an issue of celebration and investigation, rather than social networks opinion and derision for its coverage, might notice something.

From major players like Within Temptation, whose 2014 tour is set to literally WOW the planet with symphonic rock to equally epic newcomers, Bad Wolf – who are in the studio completing their debut album – are some amazing stories of genuine interest to music fans. Hell, even spinal fluid from medical tests helped raise the money to make the latter!

The energy of our underground circuit, right now, is brimming with passion, massive tunes and accidental comedy. Sure, you need money to be in a band, and in a recession, even more so, but that is not stopping the feisty, fresh, fabulous and ferocious from storming Bastille.


Birmingham’s Youth Man are a case in point – they actually fire their post punk fury at you, like its a weapon. Video ‘Heavy Rain’

After sparking up 2013, they are hitting the festivals and ones to watch articles this year.

Another trio, Kent’s Mourning Birds, are literally exploding under radar. With over 16,000 YouTube views for their end of 2013 debut ‘Oh Yeh!’ and early obsession for their unpredictable live chaos, they’re raised their game with next single, ‘Eve Of The Isle’ (28 March) – oh and look out for the forthcoming video!

There is a connection between all these up and comers (beyond their instruments and footwear being held together by gaffer tape). It is their intensity and drive.

Britain has a potential wave of classic rock stars (see also Isolated Atoms, Bleech, God Damn, Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux, Pink Cigar, La Deux Fur Feuses , The Lash, Fur Cough, Dactyls, Weatherbird, Exit International and Bad For Lazarus) and more who can straddle genres, decibels AND marketability.

With no hyped scene, so many of the above are already connected by scouting promoters (like London mover shaker, Jean Genie Graham, now a recording artist in her own right) who know their stuff and have a proven record. This is because the new rock n roll life is a hill-billy style extended family of musical connections, supporting, recommending and playing gigs with each other. In short, without permission, a noisy (fun and sexy) music movement is spreading around the land.

Like Dana Jade‘s Clit Rock events, they are not short on DIY, opinion, colourful characters and, importantly, hope. There is social positivity in these interactions.

Speaking of which, lets keep this short and to the point, rounding off with a band that have literally landed from another universe and reinvigorated the art of jumping up and down (witnessed on more than one occasion) in excitement at their gigs; CuT – the brand new single, ‘Time Traveller’ sounds like space punk. Because that is exactly what it is. Bring it, rockers.

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The New Rock n Roll is WITHGuitars.