New Single from Silas Fermoy

New Single from Silas Fermoy

Say Hello to Silas Fermoy.

We are about to release ‘Annabelle’s Stairwell’, the first single off of our upcoming EP. We wanted to send you an exclusive, prior to its release on February 11th, so you have time to listen and review it. We are available if you have any questions for us pertaining to the band, our music or life for that matter.

Here is a brief synopsis:

‘Annabelle’s Stairwell’ is about a young girl, who was put into an insane asylum by her parents. The song follows her through her nocturnal life in the asylum and her discovery of a stairwell that leads to an abandoned floor in the building. All of her visions and some past memories come to life in the rooms of this floor and she completely loses herself within it.

Enjoy the ‘Annabelle’s Stairwell’ Video:


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New Single from Silas Fermoy