New video and single from Sydney’s Michael P Cullen

New video and single from Sydney’s Michael P Cullen

Michael P Cullen – New single –  Do You Believe  – out digitally via all major platforms on April 6th.

A man in a suit, an old semi-acoustic guitar and a voice like sandpaper dipped in honey. Michael P Cullen tells stories of longing and regret in a unique and textured baritone with echoes of American mid-century pulp writers, 60s Vegas cabaret and Southern Gothic Americana.

Michael P Cullen’s new single, “Do You Believe”, is a vivid, swirling tale of a marriage almost beyond reprieve. Cullen’s melancholy baritone glides over a shimmering cocktail of seventies organ, insistent drums, a web of beats and loops and Cullen’s own guitar alternately chiming and feeding back throughout.

You can see the video here:

The single was produced by Tim Powles of The Church and mixed by English producer Danton Supple, who applies just enough polish to get the song on the radio without smoothing out too many of Cullen’s rough edges.

Do You Believe is Cullen’s first release since last year’s Live At Lazybones EP which followed the critically acclaimed True Believer LP

He has often been compared to Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave but his unique blend of Noir, New Wave, Stax and Northern Soul ultimately defies comparison.



The Sydney-based lounge lizard artfully marries Southern Gothic dustiness to black-sequined seediness in a way that actually reveals a true sense of class. Monster Magnet Records (Los Angeles)

Mix a stiff drink or three, crack open a pack of cheap cigarettes (I don’t care if you smoke… you want to experience this correctly or not?), and sink in your own glorious malaise, pondering where you could have done better for yourself. Michael P Cullen & The Soul Searchers understand. Modern Fix (Wisconsin)

songs about regret, bitterness and a love gone sour. The vocals are a rich baritone cocktail of spoken word, singing and crooning while [Tim]Powles provides seamless, charming accompaniment on the keys and drums. It’s intoxicating. It has to be experienced. Rip it Up Magazine (Brisbane)

Inspired by the likes of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, you nevertheless get a very Michael Cullen experience. He is strong and has a distinctive baritone vocal that weaves through the music, making this album unique, and uniquely valuable.  4.5 Stars Sydney Morning Herald







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New video and single from Sydney’s Michael P Cullen