New video "I Chi" From Danish Band Pinkunoizu

New video "I Chi" From Danish Band Pinkunoizu

Band Release Sophomore Second Amendment EP on May 6th via Full Time Hobby

Live Shows Including Glastonbury Festival Announced  (see details below)

Pinkunoizu revealed their first video “I Chi” (below), this is the first video that follows their 2012’s debut album Free Time!. Danish 4-piece, Pinkunoizu are set to release their sophomore EP, Second Amendment, both digitally on Full Time Hobby and physically with a limited edition 12” heavyweight vinyl being offered by Manchester’s DIY label Everybody’s Stalking.

Listen to ‘Tin Can Valley’

Recorded in a single day at Livingston Studios, London, and subsequently edited by lead songwriter, Andreas Pallisgaard and drummer, Jaleh Negari in their former adopted hometown of Berlin, this EP is a testament to the band’s talent for not only musical composition, but also their ability to successfully experiment with innovative techniques of production and the layering of various textures of sound. Pallisgaard explains the band’s motives: ‘We initially wanted to make a pure, live documentation from the sound we had built together whilst touring, but I think in the end we always find it a bit boring to just do that. Listening to our music on record should be more of a fictionalized space rather than an attempt to present something as being real and happening in front of the listener when it in fact is not.’

With a title that eloquently summates the motives behind this EP, it is obvious from the outset that Pinkunoizu have an ambition to advance their visions of songwriting and explore their musical capabilities. They have evolved from previous releases; they have revised the real and are at the second stage of their artistic exploration. The band had voiced concern at being associated with a particular type of sound, which is so often an issue with only one full length album on the market, but, after their latest libation to the world of music, suffice to say, they needn’t have worried. This is quite literally, the Second Amendment.

Pallisgaard creatively expands upon this simple explanation for the name: ‘the title also hints at clouds of gunpowder, men on horses, frantic ideas of property rights on a deserted barren continent, weary attempts at defining cultural structures and personal freedom. In fact, this whole notion of freedom that is seen discussed so much in recent years in the world media, is a theme that runs throughout our EP as an ambiguous thread running along various colourful excursions.’

Watch ‘I Chi’ video

Pinkunoizu – Second Amendment EP – Tracklisting:
1. The Abyss Part II
2. Moped
3. Santur Part 1
4. Santur Part 2
5. I Chi
6. Gospel Of John
7. Tin Can Valley

Pinkunoizu LIVE:
Wed 5/15 – Electrowerkz, London
Thu 5/16 – The Great Escape, Brighton
Fri 6/28 – Glastonbury Festival (Williams Green Stage, 2pm)
Fri 9/27 – Loppen, Copenhagen
Mon 9/30 – Festaal, Berlin
Tue 10/1 – Zoom, Frankfurt
Wed 10/2 – Ampere, Munich
Thu 10/3 – Bogen F, Viadukt, Zurich
Sun 10/6 – Rotonde, Botanique, Brussels
Mon 10/7 – La Maroquinerie, Paris
Tue 10/8 – Heaven, London
Fri 10/11 – Colston Hall, Bristol
Sat 10/12 – Brewery, Kendal
Sun 10/13 – Broadcast, Glasgow
Tue 10/15 – Band On The Wall, Manchester
Wed 10/16 – South Street Arts, Reading
Thu 10/17 – The Apex, Bury St Edmunds
Sat 10/19 – Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
Sun 10/20 – East Village Arts Club, Liverpool
Mon 10/21 – The Old Market, Brighton

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New video "I Chi" From Danish Band Pinkunoizu