New Video! Lil STL "40 w/ Beam" – courtesy of GMF partners

New Video! Lil STL "40 w/ Beam" – courtesy of GMF partners

“40 w/ Beam” 

click image below to check out “40 w/ Beam” on Youtube

Born Sedale Green, Lil STL is a 29-yea-old rapper poised to make his make on the game, and in the process, resurrect an infectiously candid yet gritty vibe that once had St. Louis on the music industry on the edge of their seats.

“Where I’m from there’s a lot of gangbanging. Not a lot of leaders who get paper and do something with the money” Lil STL said. Growing up in one of St Louis’ most dangerous neighborhoods, “Eighty Deuce”, Lil STL began creating a soundtrack for the streets.

“When I got into music, I wanted to make music for my homies in the hood, I didn’t care about anywhere else. I just wanted to make gangbang music. Eight deuce music,” he said.

Check out “40 w/ Beam” on Youtube Here

 While Lil STL’s artistry was born in his hometown, it wasn’t until he found himself living in Huntsville, Alabama did he discover rhyming was his strength and creating music was a viable option for his unforeseeable future. “In Huntsville they taught me how to hustle,” he explained. “I learned a lot of sh*t being down.”

Pulling inspiration from his favorite hip-hop collectives UGK, Cash Money, No Limit, 8 Ball and MJG, Lil STL began participating in rap cyphers in high school.  Soon thereafter, Lil STL found himself recording frequently in the studio.  Years of hard work and non-stop recording eventually earned Lil STL recognition from St. Louis veteran Nelly.  “He was the first artist to give me a chance,” he said.  “I worked with Nelly for four or five years.”

Although he received the ultimate cosign from a hometown hero, it wasn’t until Memphis rapper Yo Gotti appeared on Lil STL’s ‘Young and Reckless’ mixtape did he receive national attention.  Their 2013 collaboration “I Can’t Cook” became a street anthem and the two rappers instantly knew they had to continue working together.

A Year later, Lil STL appeared on Yo Gotti’s “Mama Told Me” which is featured on CMG’s compilation mixtape CMG Presents Chapter One.

Since then, Lil STL’s breakout songs like “Drop Dat Bag”, “Yeah”, “Can’t Remember”, “Geeked”, and “Sit Down” featuring Detroit newcomer Kash Doll.

As an emcee, LilSTL prides himself on being a leader whose unique voice and delivery inspires young people struggling in crime-ridden communities to aspire to greatness “I’m striving for more and repping for my neighborhood. I’m making music for these little guys out here living this crazy life.”
Lil STL is currently readying his forthcoming new project, which is slated to be released this fall.

In the meantime, check out his Bigga Rankin-hosted mixtape MDGDAMOB, which boasts production credits from Atlanta based super producer Zaytoven, Lo Cash and Chase the Money. MDGDAMOB is available for download now via DatPiff HERE 


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New Video! Lil STL "40 w/ Beam" – courtesy of GMF partners