New > Watch > Suicideyear – ‘Julie’s Song’ video > created by Ezra Miller

New > Watch > Suicideyear – ‘Julie’s Song’ video > created by Ezra Miller

 Suicideyear shares new video for ‘Julie’s Song’

Taken from his new LuckyMe EP, ‘Hate Songs’
— Created by Ezra Miller

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Following the release of his new EP, ‘Hate Songs’, Suicideyear has shared a new video for ‘Julie’s Song’, one of the record’s standout cuts.

The film uses photography collected by Suicideyear and friends from the abandoned suburbs and relics around New Orleans — among these photographs was also the final cover art for Suicideyear’s recent EP Hate Songs, which released on July 28th via LuckyMe.

The video was created by Ezra Miler, a web artist widely recognised for his interactive web development, live visual performances and projection based installations across the US. Based in New York, but originally from Chicago, Ezra also has a lead in the campaign creative alongside LuckyMe Studios by developing the visual accompaniment at his recent Sonar Barcelona performance and at

“The process of creating the ‘Julie’s Song’ video involved piecing together footage that James sent (that was also used at Sonar) together with the footage Ryan Clarke shot”, Ezra explains. “I edited Ryan’s footage from Louisiana along to the track and then recorded at least 10 different takes of myself performing and triggering clips and effects to the music. The effects were created using custom shaders in WebGL, to which I added keyboard controls that allowed me to tweak each parameter and switch between modes and clips.

The objective of the entire project was to create a visual space that represented James and the character of his music, as well as his environment in Louisiana, with a strong emphasis on using videography/photography as the base elements from which to build further effects. The raw footage and photography from Louisiana were crucial in helping to achieve that.”

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New > Watch > Suicideyear – ‘Julie’s Song’ video > created by Ezra Miller