New Wave singer Nadeah announces new album

New Wave singer Nadeah announces new album

Nadeah – “While The Heart Beats”

Released 02/16/16

Bag Lady Music / Kwaidan Rec /! K7

Nadeah Miranda is a singer, composer and Australian actress who lives between Los Angeles and Paris.



Born in Melbourne December 31, 1980, Nadeah is an Australian descendants after Serbs, Italians and Indians. At the age of twelve, she began writing songs, accompanying himself on the piano and then, inspired by the Texan songwriter Michelle Shocked, she obliges her little friends to teach him guitar. Thus it becomes ‘Nadeah’.

Better known in Italy as “delusional” woman front group Nouvelle Vague, with which Nadeahoccurred around the world for three years, with among other passages in Glastonbury and Sziget (alongside Lily Allen and Snow Patrol ). She was also there when the band performed at the Roundhouse and at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall. She has recorded, among others, ‘So Lonely’ Police and ‘Parade’ Magazine.

Before joining New Wave, Nadeah was the singer / songwriter of the alternative rock band loveGods, formed after his meeting with Art Menuteau while she was playing in the streets of Paris. The couple settled in England, constituting a solid fanbase, playing three times in Glastonbury, rotating with the Fun Lovin ‘Criminals and playing in the first part Nick Cave, Tim Booth (James), Franz Ferdinand, The Streets and Kelis.

They have had time to win the prize for best independent group of Radio One in 2004, released the EP “Give me a new God because this one is Broken” Albums “Between Dogs and Wolves” and “Audience of One “before disbanding in 2006.

Revenue in Paris, joined Nadeah Nouvelle Vague to record “Venus Gets Even” alongside Nicola Tescari. She will defend to the album’s influences1930 on the stages of Europe, England, South America and Australia for more than 30 months. As a solo artist, Nadeah made ​​the first parts of Tame Impala, The Do, Charlie Winston and Yodelice.

In September 2013, the interminable tour of “Venus Gets Even” finally ended, allowing Nadeahto tackle his second solo album, “While the Heart Beats …”

Produced by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes, Anna Calvi) and Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague), this disc moves away from 30 years to move towards a more electro-rock atmosphere that is close to the best of the presence of “punk “it can have on stage.

Already five titles “While the Heart Beats” were heard in the second Questo Amore Nostro season on Rai 1 and Nadeah will make an appearance in the upcoming movie of Cristina Comencini, “Latin Lover”, alongside the icon Virna Lisi Italian, Marisa Parades, Candela Pena and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi.

First single “Met A Man” from the new album:

Second title “Get Out Of Your Head” to listen below

Single listening on Deezer.


Produced by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes, Anna Calvi) and Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague), “While the Heart Beats …” … stands out the musically crazy style VENUS GETS EVEN, and links with his alternative rock era with The loveGods. By integrating electro disco retro and modern elements (“Met a Man”, “One Way Lie,” “Kansas”) and pure minimalist arrangements and heartbreaking (“Get out of your head”) the album “While Hear the Beats “… is a journey on a musical field still unexplored for Nadeah as a solo artist.
For, “While the Heart Beats …” I wanted to create something a little more airy, a little simpler, with groove keys and obtain intellectual universe more accessible than my previous album. As for the texts, I wanted to make an album that deals with more universal themes. I mean; How can people claim to have spent the New Year in an asylum?

While the heart beats … speaks very common human experiences; such as heartache, addiction, hope, disappointment, expectation …
“There is nothing new that this album says. Let’s be honest, there are already a lot of songs about addiction and sorrow, but that is what I meant in my songs because, at the time I made it was my reality. I believe in authenticity in art and I think we should talk about the things that we know. When I write from the perspective emotional, I always go away or ‘I stand at the moment.

The title While the Heart beats, Nadeah said: “I was reading a novel by George Eliot and the sentence that was shedding was:
-While The heart beats, bruise it. It is your only opportunity- (As long as the heart beats, mash it, it’s your only opportunity). This phrase am particularly key because sometimes we really wonder “what good is all this suffering?”. It reminds us that life is fleeting and that without suffering we have not really lived life as it is presented to us. It reminds me that it is the failures that transform us if we fully accept their teachings.
No doubt my theory is it a philosophical interpretation pop heavily influenced by my own experiences: my greatest personal successes are always born of painful experiences. Birth and pain are, by nature, inseparable, in biology as in the emotional sphere.


Album track listing “While The Heart Beats”

01. Met a man

02. One way links

03. Ordinary Colours (feat Tim Booth from ‘James’)

04. Kansas

05. Unknow

06. Run

07. Darling

08. Get out of your head – as listening on this LINK

09. She Said

10. HR Jam

11. Pocketful of holes

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New Wave singer Nadeah announces new album