Newcomer Turan Unveils Captivating Debut Video

Newcomer Turan Unveils Captivating Debut Video

Rising Artist Turan Unveils Video For His Debut Track ‘Departed’

The ‘Persistence of Memory’ EP will be Released August 18th via TRIBE Records
“The track itself is intensely emotional, featuring earthy percussion sounds and Turan’s solemn, honest lyrics.” – Hunger Magazine
“The UK-based multi instrumentalist’s track flows like Yeezus were it arranged by David Lynch. It’s intense stuff, but it’s not without its prettier and more inviting qualities.” – Pigeons & Planes
“Switching effortlessly between the most tender vocals you ever heard over simple chords and some serious spoken word rap backed up by thundering drumbeats” – The Beat Juice

Newcomer Turan has released the video for ‘Departed’, the lead single from his forthcoming debut ‘Persistence of Memory’ EP, set for release August 18th.
The artist and multi-instrumentalist’s first offering will be available for digital download via TRIBE Records, the first release from the label.

‘Departed’ is an experimental mix of dark production, ethereal guitar textures, earthy percussion sounds, with entrancing lyrics throughout. Everything you hear began with Turan in his home studio, and was developed in Fox Hill Studios, a small setup in a forest in Hertfordshire.

Take a listen to ‘Departed’ here:

Turan also worked on the visuals and artistic direction for the 5 videos that accompany the 5 track debut EP.

When asked what he considers his music to be, his reply is “avant garde, passionate, and honest.” Turan’s debut EP, named after a Salvador Dali painting, has an euphoric indie, slow-building influence, laced with solemn, deep rap and continuously steps out of reality.

Turan has been influenced by a diverse range of artists, including Radiohead, Sade, Pink Floyd, Hans Zimmer, Bill Withers & Jeff Buckley. His EP flows like a film score, intricately weaving in and out of dreams and reality.
‘Persistence of Memory’ will be released on August 18th via TRIBE Records.

Pre Order ‘Persistence of Memory’ here:

You can Follow Turan in all the usual places:

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Newcomer Turan Unveils Captivating Debut Video