NGHTCRWLRS release their sophomore LP | Streaming now via Pure Volume

NGHTCRWLRS release their sophomore LP | Streaming now via Pure Volume

New Jersey-based indie-rockers NGHTCRWLRS

Announce new LP, Raging Hot

Out 11/11 via Sniffling Indie Kids


(Brooklyn, NY) Following up on their debut, self-titled LP, NJ-based indie-rockers NGHTCRWLRS are now readying their sophomore effort, Raging Hot, out November 11th, 2016 via Sniffling Indie Kids.


The band premiered the album stream via Pure Volume where they shared:

Raging Hot was written by four gentlemen from New Jersey who are deeply in love with music but completely frustrated by the mundane realities of modern life and use those emotions to create something fun.

We are one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. Treat your neighbor as you would yourself because underneath the false senses of our humanity, the reality is that we are the same.

Many days may be rough, that’s something we all experience together. Be yourself and try to concentrate on the positive things in your life. Take a step back every now and then and just soak it in and enjoy it.”


Although the actual formation of the NGHTCRWLRS can be tangibly placed in 2014, Frank DeFranco (guitar/vox), Brian Goglia (bass/vox), Eric Goldberg (guitar, vox) and Max Rauch (drums, vox) have known each other for years having gigged out as a part of other bands in the various tri-state scenes. Following the demise of their various other projects, fate would bring the quartet together through various jam sessions that immediately signaled a natural chemistry.

With a couple of short tours under their belts following the release of their debut, NGHTCRWLRS quickly got back into the studio at the start of 2016 with a fresh batch of songs bristling with incendiary energy and urgency. Like the first record, the Raging Hot was recorded by Rauch in the band’s practice space and mixed/mastered by longtime pal Jeremy Cimino.

To celebrate the release of Raging Hot, NGHTCRWLRS embark on a series of weekend tours detailed below. Be on the lookout for more from NGHTCRWLRS in the coming weeks, including the official release of Raging Hot on November 11th, 2016.


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NGHTCRWLRS release their sophomore LP | Streaming now via Pure Volume