Night Gestalt Shares "One Part II" Video via YourEDM, LP Out Today via Slow Future Vault!

Night Gestalt Shares "One Part II" Video via YourEDM, LP Out Today via Slow Future Vault!


Extended Album From Sweden’s Olof Cornéer (Dada Life)

Released Today via Slow Future Vault

Stream/Purchase HERE

Watch “One Part II” Video via YourEDM

“ONE [ENDLESS] is a daring exploration of where the human mind can travel, and a spectacular accompaniment to go about your own journey.” YourEDM

A Journey Through the Cosmos After the End of the World

Feat. 8+ Hours of Dark, Minimalist, Experimental IDM

“Seriously ambitious” FADER

“Close to the sonic territory staked out by Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Klaus Schulze. An electronic sci-fi epic.” WNYC

“Drenched in buzzing electronica… Think Aphex Twin but just a bit friendlier”  Dancing Astronaut
Today sees the release of Night Gestalt’s new album ONE [Endless] via Slow Future Vault.  The experimental side project of Dada Life’s Olof Cornéer, the 8+ hour album tells the story of a spaceship (“ONE”) controlled by a computer (“SHE”) carrying the last of humanity from earth destroyed.  In celebration of release, Night Gestalt reveals the conceptual “One Part II” video with YourEDM  (above).
The follow up to his debut LP ONE (released May 2015), ONE [Endless] furthers Night Gestalt’s conceptual journey into the endless void. All songs consist of an arpeggio (a broken chord) played by a simple bleep – and vocals. Nothing else. No beats. No added chords. The exception being the last song – which is even less. However, the sum of ONE [Endless] is bigger than the parts.


Watch the “Overdrive Control” video via Northern Transmissions HERE


“One night when everybody else was asleep I strolled around in the lower regions, close to the garbage system. On a wall I saw a sign I’d never seen before. Or maybe I had, but in a dream?
It was a handmade wooden sign with the words “The Shrine” written in red. It almost looked like a seal. I followed the sign and ended up at a spiral staircase leading downstairs. From the bottom I heard music, reverberating and echoing through the cylinder space, creating beautiful arpeggios and rhythms I’d never heard before.
At the bottom of the staircase was a tiny room. It was a club. In a dark corner stood a clone of Fela Kuti, playing on a keyboard. He didn’t have his saxophone around his neck. Maybe the engineers couldn’t find any brass on the ship so he had to play on a vintage modular synth from the museum instead?
Three women and a young boy were dancing in front of him, slowly, with their eyes closed. It looked like they were moving backwards in time. Fela Kuti was swaying slowly from side to side, tweaking the knobs, while his right hand played the same notes over and over again.
The night after I went back to The Shrine again, but I couldn’t find the staircase. Even the sign was gone.
This is the music I heard that night.”

Watch the “Into Space” video via The Fader HERE

Night Gestalt – ONE [Endless]
1 – Falling Together as One (Endless) 1:06:37
2 – Into Space (Endless) 1:01:59
3 – One Part I (Endless) 1:01:23
4 – Overdrive Control (Endless) 1:01:44
5 – The Flesh Is Still in Control (Endless) 1:02:00
6 – One Part II (Endless) 1:00:27
7 – The Death of She (Endless) 1:00:11
8 – One Part III (The End) (Endless) 1:02:39
Total: 8:16:37


Watch/Share “The Death Of She” video HERE

Night Gestalt: Website / Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / SoundCloud

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Night Gestalt Shares "One Part II" Video via YourEDM, LP Out Today via Slow Future Vault!