Ninth Of May Release Clip For Single "Ramen"

Ninth Of May Release Clip For Single "Ramen"

Ninth Of May Release Sublime Clip For Single “Ramen”

Brisbane’s NINTH OF MAY have dropped their film clip and single entitled “Ramen”, a surefire throwback to early days Deftones, when the angst and anger in music was contained in what was a tight, angry box of harmonious guitars, barely-contained seething in a melodic vocal and the fattest of basslines imaginable. Add a contemporary edge on it and you have something close to what Ninth of May have pulled off in their sublime new track.

Ninth of May are a unique and curious beast in the Australian Music landscape – not overly heavy, but dark enough to be admired by heavy music lovers, mysterious enough in their sound to be intriguing to all and sundry and musical enough to engage musicians and prick their ears – an almost-perfect blend that is rarely achieved.

Ramen’s pulsating bass, played with analogue keyboards/synths is backed by dark, smoky vocals and guitars and instrumentation that would make indie and electronic artists jealous. AND it’s entirely self-produced.
The film clip is co-produced between Blue Room Productions and the band members. An animated masterpiece, it features many landmarks from around their hometown of Brisbane as well as jarring, barren imagery – a stylistic match made in heaven for the song.

The band is a fresh response to the new edge, encompassing dark and ominous sounds, playing on the emotions of all those exposed. They are bringing trance-like bass tones, hypnotic guitars, mellifluous vocals and edging drums bringing tempestuous sounds to the masses.

The always-busy members of Ninth of May have been playing in various projects which have not only performed with many headline acts, but have also toured overseas, gained support through International film and TV syncs, and plenty of radio airplay at home.


Ninth of May – “Ramen” from ninthofmay on Vimeo.

“Ramen” is available on iTunes now. For more information, go to

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Ninth Of May Release Clip For Single "Ramen"