No Glitter – ‘Part Time’ EP

No Glitter – ‘Part Time’ EP

Sometimes a record is there to help us in our eternal quest to understand the transcendent.  A psychedelic dive into primordial soup that aligns our consciousness with the cosmos in hopes to eradicate delusion, leaving only compassion in its wake.

Yea, this isn’t that.

“We’ve become so vulnerable”, singer songwriter Billy Martin belts out over blistering guitars in ‘Coming Up For Air’.  That seems less an insight and more a battle cry for his latest release with his band No Glitter.

Every now and again, a dose of testosterone is just what the doctor ordered.  Especially if the diagnosis is frail scenesters who approach the guitar a bit too gently.  Even though this thing is stacked with muscle, that’s not to say its without variety.

Check the opening cut ‘How Near How Far’ where the vocal develops melodically over the entire composition, while the music builds a tension that never releases.

Much of what you’ll hear on Part Time wouldn’t be out of place on a Queens Of The Stone Age record, but there are sections that border on post hardcore like on this collections best and most urgent song, ‘No Mystery’.

Reportedly, Part Time was shelved for a few years.  One would assume this is for the same self defeating reasons musicians and  creative types put off doing anything and that’s a shame.  We could all use a reason to drive a little faster.

For fans of getting punched in the face with guitars.  No Glitter.  No bullshit. 7.7/10

Ben Stephanus

Part Time is available on Bandcamp

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No Glitter – ‘Part Time’ EP