Northern Star Records Indie Top Ten

Northern Star Records Indie Top Ten


As the main man behind Northern Star, which brings some of the best psychedelic and independent music? Scott came to With Guitars rescue helping us with a Top Ten of Indie Albums. So many music biz friends have recommended Northern Star to me, costing me half a dozen lost hours checking out some great bands.

NorthernstaruselogoScott_Causer_1-131Scott Causer is the owner of Northern Star Records, an independent label focussing on psychedelic, independent and underground sounds The label launched in March 2006 with the first volume of the now legendary Psychedelica series. These double CD compilations have placed well known cult acts alongside a host of unknowns and have launched the careers of many. Bands that have appeared on Northern Star compilations include The Black Angels, The Nova Saints, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Telescopes and many more.  The response to the series has been phenomenal – one of massive public support and great critical acclaim garnering rave reviews from host of national press.

Here in his humble opinion are the top ten greatest independent albums ever made:


Stone Roses CD cover

1. ‘The Stone Roses’ – The Stone Roses
“The Stone Roses weren’t the first band I fell in love with and neither will they be the last. However everything about them changed the way I feel and think about music. The music itself is timeless, the album itself, a statement of intent – the first band I was aware of who had an agenda. It was at this time that the full realisation hit me that ANYTHING is possible. I saw them in Blackpool with a friend of mine – the legendary gig which was apparently attended by Liam & Noel Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft of The Verve. Me and my friend – we were 17 years old – we both formed/joined bands shortly after – we’re both still heavily involved in music. That just about says it all…”

Violent Femmes CD cover

 2. ‘The Violent Femmes’ – The Violent Femmes
“Its nasty, funny, and sweet – I couldn’t believe the lyrics they were singing – the bass just killed me – little did I realise that years later I would be putting a track featuring their bassist on a compilation album I was putting out.”

Jesus Marychain cover

3. ‘Psychocandy’ – The Jesus & Mary Chain

“The first album I learnt to play all the way through on bass – still have severe difficulties writing a bassline without it sounding like it belongs to Douglas Hart, Simon Gallup or Peter Hook.”

Smiths-Hatful cover

4. ‘Hatful of Hollow’ – The Smiths
Too many teenage memories, good, bad, happy and sad – they’re all in here.”


5. ‘The Deepest’ – The Waltones
“”The most underrated album ever made and one of the most beautiful. The fact the Waltones weren’t absolutely HUGE is an absolute scandal.”

Primal Scream CD cover
6. ‘Primal Scream’ – Primal Scream
”Just about everyone loved ‘Screamadelica’ – so did I, but I loved them best when they thought they were the MC5.”

JoyDivision Substane cover

7. ‘Substance’ –Joy Division
Bunked off school to buy this on the day it came out. Not technically an album but it was my introduction to the Joy Division – basslines would never be the same.”

Pixies-surfer Roasa vover
8. ‘Surfer Rosa’ – The Pixies
See The Violent Femmes”

Telescopes CD cover

9. ‘The Telescopes’ – The Telescopes
Telescopes 2nd album on Creation Records – very underrated – sounds like a dream.”

HouseOfLove CDcover

10. ‘The House of Love’ – The House of Love
“Their debut album.  Its naïve, innocent, beautiful… They never got better than this in my eyes but when you set your sights so high.”

The revolution is currently taking hold with the latest Northern Star compilation ‘Revolution in Sound’ featuring some of the most exciting independent bands on the planet. Scott has played in many bands over the years prior to forming Northern Star and currently leads 2 musical projects The Electric Mainline and Perfect Blue http://----escape_sem_autolink_uri:09a4d581ff1a61a73fd9e7e29ddfb4c5---- and http://----escape_sem_autolink_uri:f8a55e512ece4454a8ef2356bfec672f----

Thanks to Scott for a lost afternoon spent listening to all things Indie. If you want to check out all of the bands and artists on Northern Star Records and With Guitars  really recommends that you create a spare hour before you visit – it really is that good.

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Northern Star Records Indie Top Ten