NOTHING announce new LP via Relapse Records for May 13

NOTHING announce new LP via Relapse Records for May 13

New album Tired Of Tomorrow announced for May 13 2016 via Relapse Records // Album artwork revealed

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Following the critically acclaimed debut album Guilty Of Everything, described by Noisey as “the most complete, satisfying, and original-sounding shoegaze album since the scene that celebrated itself burnt out,” Philadelphia’s NOTHINGwill release their second Relapse Records full-length, Tired Of Tomorrow, on May 13th 2016.
People often wonder why NOTHING are so damn loud. In the case of many artists, the volume stems from a preoccupation with negativity, misanthropy and the human condition. But while NOTHING’s attitude lines up with these ideas, their personality isn’t one that the band picked from a list of clichés. It’s one moulded by their own experiences, from family troubles and personal tragedy to a string of bad luck that Murphy’s Law would balk at. And that volume, rather than a selling point, is the only way the band has been able to translate the difficulty of real-life events into musical form.
Tired Of Tomorrow is a record born out of a chain of events that forced frontman Domenic Palermo to drastically re-think and re-shape his perspective about both life and music. Borrowing from personal memoir and external works alike, NOTHING have worked the deepest influences of their youth and maturation into a package that’s ultimately at its most relevant in the present day.
Tired Of Tomorrow was originally set for release via Collect Records, until the band discovered that the label had been funded by the now-infamous hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli, whose roster subsequently dissolved under the weight of the unsettling controversy surrounding him. Though the album was written before the Shkreli debacle, Palermo sees those events to only have strengthened the sentiments and ideas behind Tired Of Tomorrow, rather than confuse its message. It’s a mess to think about, but as always, the contradictions and paradoxes of the kind NOTHING harnesses ultimately lead to the greatest revelations, and the band’s personal and tragic path has nonetheless led NOTHING to produce deeply heartfelt and inspiring music. Whichever way you want to look at it, you can’t deny that NOTHING feels good.
The band’s 2014 debut LP Gulity Of Everything, a record inspired largely by the events surrounding Palermo’s incarceration in 2002 following an aggravated assault charge (to which he pleaded self-defense), garnered widespread critical acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone, NPR, Stereogum, SPIN, Noisey, The FADER, Vogue and many others.  Having toured relentlessly across North America and Europe, playing with the likes of DIIV, Merchandise, Torche, Failure, Hum and many more, NOTHING will announce tour dates for 2016 imminently.
May 13th 2016 will see the worldwide release of Tired Of Tomorrow via Relapse Records. More details and new music are soon to be revealed.

Track Listing & artwork

  1. Fever Queen
  2. The Dead Are Dumb
  3. Vertigo Flowers
  4. ACE (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
  5. Nineteen Ninety Heaven
  6. Curse Of The Sun
  7. Eaten By Worms
  8. Everyone Is Happy
  9. Our Plague
  10. Tired Of Tomorrow

Blast from the past nothing 2014 single Chloroform



NOTHING is: Domenic Palermo, Brandon Setta & Kyle Kimball.
Praise for Guilty Of Everything:
“An optimistic and hopeful, albeit brutally heavy slice of thundering hard rock.”NME
“Storming.” The Independent
“Superior shoegaze by intense American newcomers” Time Out
“The most complete, satisfying, and original-sounding shoegaze since the scene that celebrated itself burnt out.” Noisey
“A profoundly thoughtful, beautifully crushing wave of droning distortion, the album is epic and stirring, even unnerving at times, but it carves a path toward enlightened serenity.” NPR
“…devastating, beautiful, operatic, and undulating.” SPIN
“Roaring, wall-of-sound guitars arrive with enough force to knock you back a few steps. The sound is vast.” Rolling Stone
“Expansively pretty and brutally fuzzed-out.” Stereogum
“Nothing manage to make noise sound just like honey.” Entertainment Weekly
“enveloping fuzz baths and cinematic turns…this is quite the emotional roller-coaster.” The Fader
“…stark, dramatic music that comes from pain and has been crafted into high art that will move and inspire listeners” All Music
“…a terrific sounding slab of sonic nihilism.” Popmatters

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NOTHING announce new LP via Relapse Records for May 13