Out Now: ‘Baseball Punx’ – A Punk Rock Baseball Compilation

Out Now: ‘Baseball Punx’ – A Punk Rock Baseball Compilation

‘Baseball Punx’

A Compilation From

Shibby Pictures


++ Documentary Arrives 2/16 ++

– Stream “Baseball Punx” –


NEW YORK, NY (January 26, 2018) Baseball Punx is a collection of ragged, passionate, punk rock takes on baseball, curated by Jak Kerley’s North Carolina production house Shibby Pictures. This compilation precedes the February 16th release of the Baseball Punx documentary, that will seek to explore the (surprisingly productive) intersection of baseball and punk culture. With Baseball Punx, Shibby Pictures take a detour from producing videos for scene legends such as Days n Daze, Leftover Crack and Mischief Brew to bring their unique style to a documentary format.

The compilation is available to download now for a ‘name your price’ tariff via BandCamp:



Urban Outfielder – 3 Strikes

The Taxpayers – Atlanta’s Own

Mischief Brew – City Of Black Fridays

Dead Bars – Los Marineros

Benny The Jet Rodriguez – Run

Wicked Bears – Piazza, L.A. Dodger

Isotopes – Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Isotopes – Ballad Of Rey Ordoñez

Slugging Percentage – George Brett

Puig Destroyer – Mike Trout

Hafner – Matt Stairs

Innings – Had To Be 90ft

Alyssa Kai – Drag Bunt Suicide Squeeze

Dakota Floyd – Look What You Did You Little Jerk

Paper Ceilings – Rick Ankiel


The Baseball Punx documentary will be officially released for streaming on February 16th and features contributions from Scott Radinsky (LA Angels), Steve Sladowski (PUP), Vincent Caffiero (Tampa Bay Rays), Rob Taxpayer, John Dedomenici (Bomb The Music Industry/Jeff Rosenstock), + more!

Written and Directed by Jak Kerley.

“An irresistible doc on an unlikely subject, sure to put some new thoughts into your head via an assortment of magnetic characters and philosophies!” – Jeffrey Lewis


About Shibby Pictures

Shibby Pictures is the production company of filmmaker Jak Kerley. It’s the angry, confused style of filmmaking that no film festival is interested in hosting. Tucked in the relatable coming-of-age stories are messages of anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and gender equality.

When it comes to filmmaking, Shibby Pictures maintains a strong DIY ethic. Having a DIY ethic means that we are able to produce a quality production with little-to-no budget, crew, or other resources.

Shibby Pictures hand-prints our own shirts and patches, and self-distributes all videos and movies on their own terms, which has been met with great success in the past several years, resulting in over three million views on all of our videos, and over 6,000 subscribers, with a constantly growing fanbase.

For years, Jak has immersed himself in the DIY music scene, shooting music videos for bands like Leftover Crack, Days N Daze, and Mischief Brew, and dozens more. He is also known for his widely-viewed documentary on DIY culture, “Trying It At Home” that was released in 2014. In addition to all of this, he has shot 3 feature-length films and several short films.

In 2013 he began touring all over the world, hosting screenings of his work in art spaces across the planet. These tours have seen Jak hosting screenings in places like beaches, a racquetball court, a cave, and batting cages. To this date, Jak has hosted screenings in 30 different states and 14 different countries.






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Out Now: ‘Baseball Punx’ – A Punk Rock Baseball Compilation