Out Now: Indie-Pop Duo Ciircus Street Release Debut Single ‘Mouth Like That’

Out Now: Indie-Pop Duo Ciircus Street Release Debut Single ‘Mouth Like That’

Indie-Pop Duo Ciircus Street Release Debut Single ‘Mouth Like That’

Listen to ‘Mouth Like That’ here

Releasing their debut single today (14/07/17), Reading based indie-pop duo Ciircus Street arefirmly putting their stamp on the current world of popular music with an individual style that sees them mixing the acoustic guitar stylings of Ed Sheeran, with powerful contemporary vocals comparable to singer-songwriter, James Bay.

Consistingof Sam Brett (vocals/guitar) and Jim Crowder (vocals), the duo wasformed one night in Oxford after walking past the city’s ‘Circus Street’. Both the boys agreed it would make a good band name, but it wasn’t until later that night when they attended a gig and knocked back a few drinks, that the pair decided to form a duo and the rest as they say, is history.


‘Mouth Like That’ is an attitude-filled, acoustic guitar led track executed with conviction and the perfectly harmonising vocals of Sam and Jim, which in the past have been uniquely described as a mixture of ‘salt and honey’, displaying the contrasting, yet compatible nature of their voices. According the Sam and Jim, ‘Mouth Like That’ is based on the notion of lies, spreading rumours and the karma that inevitably comes with it. With an expertly crafted balance of dynamics throughout the song, the young duo have proved their song writing abilities which belie their years.

Artist: Ciircus Street

Track: ‘Mouth Like That’

Release Date: 14/07/17

FFO: Ed Sheeran, James Bay, The Kooks


When discussing the concept behind the song, the pair noted that Lyrically, the story follows the idea of someone who spreads rumors – someone I guess you could say is a compulsive liar,whether being in a friend group, or what not. But it’s about how that can come round to bite you. It’s our flagship song and one we’ve kept since the beginning and still enjoy playing. It’s had some great feedback from people too,and I feel it is the direction our music will take. Although we have songs within different styles, it all stays under our sound.

Whilst Sam and Jim list notable artists such as James Morrison, Jack Johnson and Ed Sheeran as their inspirations, when it comes to writing music, the pair admit that they are in fact influenced significantly by each other, with Jim stating Although it might sound weird, Sam influences my writing a lot. It represents a really fun challenge to try and write something for two people that will fit thematically within a certain brand and not fall into a different genre.’ Consequently, it is clear to see the chemistry between the two which bounces off each other, forming Ciircus Street’s individual sound.

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Out Now: Indie-Pop Duo Ciircus Street Release Debut Single ‘Mouth Like That’