OUT NOW: Vital Texan Post-Rock | Hitting Subset – ‘Hikari’

OUT NOW: Vital Texan Post-Rock | Hitting Subset – ‘Hikari’

Vital Texan Post-Rock


Hitting Subset

“Hikari” – Out Now

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NEW YORK, NY – Texas’ Hitting Subset announce their arrival on the national stage today with the release of their debut single ‘Hikari’ – it’s just the kind of ragged but restrained post-rock that you might expect from kids who grew up on At The Drive-In, The Used, and Say Anything.


Vocalist, Caleb Behm on ‘Hikari’: “Japanese for ‘light’. I wrote this song about my dog, Zorro, who is epileptic since age two. This was after he had a particularly horrible cluster of seizures which nearly took his life. I would watch him get up every time with so much determination as he would re-learn how to walk and how to eat and drink and be a dog again. It really tore me up, but Zorro was always so resilient and happy in spite of it all. He acted almost as if there wasn’t this impending disease hanging over his life that he had to deal with every three or so months. As silly as it might sound, it inspired me through my personal depression to constantly search for the light, or the silver lining in everything that happens to me. There is always something to be happy about.”

Hitting Subset are:

Caleb Behm – Vocals

Abram Ulve – Drums/vocals

Emilio Rendon – Guitar

Zane Leblanc – Bass/vocals

Hikari was recorded in Abram’s home studio and mixed by Josh Flores of Tragus Productions (and beloved Austin indie-poppers Shadow Of Whales).

The ‘Hikari/Yami’ LP will drop on 8/4



“Hikari” Link: https://soundcloud.com/hittingsubset/hikari/s-J6bKV


About Hitting Subset:

Hitting Subset is that Texan post-rock, pop punk, hardcore sound. It’s about momentum, four people united under the idea that anything is attainable if you keep moving forward. It’s not youthful naivety though, Hitting Subset’s drive comes through in their sound. The vocals are edgy, yet controlled; the lyrics are deep and meaningful; the guitar work tells stories in odd harmony; the bass is RIGHT THERE, giving you that steady rhythm, and some face-melting licks; and the drums, are the loud and proud driving force. With killer samples and some nasty bass drops to top it all off, Hitting Subset will grab you in an audio headlock and take you for a ride.

Hitting Subset Online:

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OUT NOW: Vital Texan Post-Rock | Hitting Subset – ‘Hikari’