Oakland-based post-pop band Sun Kin drops new single, "Bijak"

Oakland-based post-pop band Sun Kin drops new single, "Bijak"

Oakland-based post-pop band Sun Kin to release new singles,
“Bijak” & “Under Standing Waves”

(Brooklyn, NY) Founded in exploration of the cathartic nature of music, Oakland-based post-pop group Sun Kin creates music that elicits understanding. The project was founded by Kabir Kumar (lead vox, guitar) who started out by playing Beatles covers in college soon finding himself in 10-hour sessions of melodic and harmonic composition, performance and home-recordings.

Now, Sun Kin is getting ready to share its latest release, a split single featuring “Bijak” and “Under Standing Waves” out soon via self-release.

After shuffling through a number of lineups, Kumar is now joined by Kevin Lehner (guitar), Phil Di Leo (keys and guitar), Nick Blossom (drums), and Bryan Lovett (bass). With a unified band, Sun Kin now presents a unified sound forming a melting pot of different genres. With “Bijak”, Kumar’s folky, silky vocals are complimented with intricate instrumentation creating a joyous atmosphere. “Under Standing Waves” presents itself as a blend of R&B and soft rock with delicate high hats and classic acoustic guitar. Both singles usher in a unique sound which pushes the listeners to gain a deeper connection with the music.

“I moved around a lot as a kid and feel very fluid about genre identity, especially false dichotomies between rock, hip hop, and dance music,” shares Kabir. “It’s also extremely emotionally honest music, there’s a very direct sense of wanting to feel understanding.”

Be on the look for more from Sun Kin soon and be sure to follow them on any of their social media outlets detailed below.

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Oakland-based post-pop band Sun Kin drops new single, "Bijak"