Oasis – ‘Definitely Maybe’ (Creation Records)

Oasis – ‘Definitely Maybe’ (Creation Records)

Let me state the obvious here, 1994 belongs to a glorious hooligan, a ruggedgunsmith and three geezers, Oasis who in four months have released twelve songs some sweet, some stupid and everyone of em a simplistic, sublime pleasure.

Now they only gone and recorded a future number one album, Definitely \Maybe’ and its a bit special.

Starting with the whirly, whiney guitar wash of good time pop “Tonnheeight am un rock un roll staar”, down to the top five majestic soul free choon ‘Live Forever’.

‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ shamelessly pillages ‘Get It On’ note for sodding note, it’s about just having fun, man – “Is it worth the aggravation to find yourself a job when there’s nothing worth working for?”

After the glam racket we get the rockabilly blues of ‘Digsy Dinner’ when Liam gets a bird, treats her like a queen, feeding her strawberries and cream . But it’s the dreamy heartbreaker ‘Slide Away’ which is the one which hits me there, every time and  the magic from the pen of Noel Gallagher leaves me kinda …dizzy, happy but still sad at the same time. It makes me fall for an unanimated object like a piece of plastic, the nonsensical lyrics, unadulterated pop hedonism. Grand theft of tunes aside, ‘Slide Away’ proves that they’re not genius trapped inside inside the skins of fools and they just know they have the greatest tunes in the world, I dunno if that’s true, but right now, I really couldn’t care less if I never hear another musical note again. 9/10

Chris Todd

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Oasis – ‘Definitely Maybe’ (Creation Records)