Occult Talking The Same Way

Occult Talking The Same Way

With the release of a new single, ‘Same Kind’ from the combined talents of Congi, Occult and Segilola, out 24th February. Congi and Occult have teamed up to produce a stunningly emotive track, creating hypnotising bass and drum sequences which marry perfectly with Segilola’s honey-like vocals, which recall those of Andreya Triana.

This soulful new single has received remix treatment from a host of talented producers: Tuesday Born, Audialist and Bambooman, each of whom maintain the feel of the original track but add their own unique retake, creating three new pieces of moving, electronic music which stand alone on their own merits.

Tom Claydon on hand with the help of Occult, to find our more

Thank you for taking the time out for this interview, please could you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Ollie lock, I make music under the name Occult, I come from ICU audio and Macabre Unit digital.

How did the collaboration between Congi and Occult come about? Had you been fans of each other before coming together for the Same Kind EP?

We were definitely fans of each others music before starting these tunes, our music had always been similar in sound and vibe, we were popping up on the same labels as each other. After meeting on a number of occasions we were keen to build something together.

How do you go about producing tracks when collaborating – there must be a lot of ideas on the plate, any conflicts of opinion or smooth sailing?

We wanted to create something separate to what we made individually, as opposed to a meeting of the Congi & Occult sounds we created a whole new sound. I think we were having more fun just letting the ideas roll than opposing one or another, it all worked, so it was smooth sailing. There was quite a lot of back and forth which can become frustrating, but we kept the faith and continued haha.

Segilola’s voice is stunning – how did working with her come about?

I had heard of her work with Bambooman, deep heads put us in touch.

What is it about the Deep Heads brand that has attracted so many fans?

Deep heads is built out of a number of labels and has a very stable flow of good quality music in a number of styles, and a lot of it is free which helps.

Any plans to work together again in the future? Or any plans for upcoming releases from either Congi or Occult?

Definitely plan on working together again, we’ve spoken about it many times. I’ll just be experimenting a lot more with tempos and styles of electronic music. I can say that there will be some music from me on Versa’s label Shanti tone this year, as well as all sorts of things on MUD and my other frequented labels.

How would you describe your sound in a media-friendly soundbite Pillow Talk.

What artists/albums/producers are you listening to at the moment – anyone you’re particularly enjoying or feeling influenced by?

Loads of weird stuff, a lot of the Soulection producers, a lot of Dubtechno music and the usual roots reggae and dub. Audialist is really good and Versa has sent me some nice lengthy dubs recently.

Any final words?


Listen to ‘Same Way’

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Occult Talking The Same Way