Oly Sherman – ‘Monument’ Single

Oly Sherman – ‘Monument’ Single

Monument” by OLY SHERMAN will be released 21st of July 2017.

“His gentle, versatile and emotional voice is simply captivating. It’ll leave a room silent for sure. This is for anyone a fan of Matt Corby.” – Claire Mooney (triple j Unearthed)

After releasing his first single, ’Push Me Down’ in September 2016, Oly Sherman’s flair has become a regular listen on both triple j and triple j Unearthed radio. Sydney has always been a ‘musical smorgasbord’ for new talent in a variety of genres and Oly’s music is no exception to that tradition. Following in the footsteps of Matt Corby, The Paper Kites, and James Blake, Oly’s music reflects the expressive and gentle nature it takes to be a captivating artist.

Oly’s latest offering is ‘Monument’. The new single takes off from where he left off, building on the smoothness of ‘Push Me Down’, into new heights with this driving indie- pop anthem.

“This song pretty much represents an operation I had earlier in the year. Yet as undesirable as that sounds, it has actually created some super positive outcomes for me, both as a musician and a human being. The song is a basic reminder to anyone that when things aren’t too crash hot, it comes down to the way you think, and the people you’ve got around you. It’s a pretty powerful one for me.”

Oly, 22, has been enjoying his music for a long time now, and had begun experimenting with his voice 2 or 3 years ago recording for producers and universities. Oly studies music in Sydney, and has been playing shows in and around for the past two or so years. It wasn’t until he released his debut EP titled Embrace did these shows start to become greater in prominence.

“I’m not only a fan of the music an artist releases, but the way they create perspective with their art, and specifically their live music. I’ve been singing and playing all kinds of instruments for a long time now, but it wasn’t till I saw some really captivating live shows that I thought to myself, this is on another level, I’m definitely up for that.”

For Fans Of: Matt Corby | Ben Howard | James Blake | James Vincent McMorrow


Upcoming Shows:

Wed 19th July – Support for Dom Youdan @ Brighton Up Bar, Sydney NSW


“Monument” by OLY SHERMAN will be released 21st of July 2017.



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Oly Sherman – ‘Monument’ Single