On Top – Top Heavy

On Top – Top Heavy

After listening to this album several times I feel like I need to go out and party on the sunset strip. Maybe have a jack and coke and the whiskey or a cocktail at the troubadour.

From the initial opening it is obvious that On Top are very cock sure about themselves. A lot of bands have really cool intro tracks but very few have a track where it is merely themselves shredding for just under a minute.

The three piece hail from Philadelphia but unlike the cheese these guys are far from mild. With ten tracks of utter rock and roll excess they set the bar high for other bands in this genre.

From start to finish there is no let up at all, fast paced, old school rock and roll with a new edge from start to finish. Try to think of what would happen if Motley Crue and The Sex Pistols had somehow bred and then you’re close to the sound of ‘Top Heavy’.

Songs such as “Hot and Wet” are sheer party anthems. 8/10



Chris Storey

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On Top – Top Heavy