OUT NOW: 2000 AD Prog 2080

OUT NOW: 2000 AD Prog 2080

Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson stories reach their conclusion this Prog!

Welcome to the latest eye-popping issue of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic – 2000 AD Prog 2080 is out now!

Brought to you every week by the tireless devotion (read: chained to their desks and worked till their diodes drop off) of 2000 AD‘s creator droids, no other title on your planet has such a committed (read: forced under threat of electro-lash to deliver one hundred per cent Thrill-power) coterie of writers and artists, partnered with Tharg the Mighty (read: doing what he tells them if they know what’s good for them) in making sure this pulse-pounding publication is a truly scrotnig cover-to-cover experience!

The prog you hold in your humanoid hands is no different, positively radiating zarjazosity as it features the concluding chapters of both current Judge Dredd thriller Nans of Anarchy and Anderson, Psi-Division, the penultimate parts of Strontium Dog and Sinister Dexter, and a complete Future Shock from James Peaty and Nick Dyer!

2000 AD Prog 2080 is out now from all good newsagents and comic book stores, plus digitally from our webshop and apps!

And don’t forget that if you buy an issue of 2000 AD in the first week of its release then postage to locations in the UK is free!

Cover by David Roach and Dylan Teague

Judge Dredd » Nans of Anarchy
by Alec Worley (w) Karl Richardson (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)
Mega-City One, 2140 AD. Home to 100 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Crime is rampant, and only the Judges — empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law! Now, in a bid to save their ailing Betty White block, the eldster Valkryries motorbike chapter have pulled off a daring robbery…

Sinister Dexter » The Devil Don’t Care
by Dan Abnett (w) Steve Yeowell (a) John Charles (c) Ellie De Ville (l)
Gun-sharks Finnigan SINISTER and Ramone DEXTER are the best hitmen money can buy in the city of Downlode. Having been offworld hunting for Holy Moses Tanenbaum, a ganglord from an alternate dimension, they’ve returned home. But whacking Tanenbaum reset the continuum, and no one knows who they are, apart from old friend Billi Octavo. Now, they’ve entered a ‘sky-scrapping’ A.R. simulation in a bid to take out Arvo Blenx…

Judge Anderson » Undertow
by Emma Beeby (w) Mike Collins, Cliff Robinson (a) Jose Villarrubia (c) Simon Bowland (l)
Mega-City One, 2140 AD. Psi-Division is a section of Justice Department that specialises in Judges with accentuated psychic talents — from precognition to exorcism, it deals with all manner of paranormal crimes. Cass ANDERSON is Justice Dept’s top telepath, and now she, danger pre-cog Judge Flowers, the psychic tracker Echo and Karyn, possessed by a vampiric entity, are battling for their lives in the Undercity…

Future Shocks » The Puppet
by James Peaty (w) Nick Dyer (a) Ellie De Ville (l)
Out in the vast reaches of the universe, there are an infinite number of stories waiting to be told. These cautionary tales pass from traveller to traveller in the spaceports and around campfires on distant planets, acquiring the status of legend, their shocking ends a salutory lesson in hubris. Anything is possible in these twisted trips into the galaxy’s dark side. Abandon your preconceptions, and expect the unexpected…

Strontium Dog » The Son
by John Wagner (w) Carlos Ezquerra (a) Ellie De Ville (l)
Late 22nd century. After the Atomic Wars, many survivors were warped by the Strontium 90 fallout. These ‘mutants’ became a victimised underclass, and the only job open to them was bounty hunting. One such Search/Destroy agent, or STRONTIUM DOG, is Johnny Alpha. Now, the Doghouse has reopened for business, and Alpha’s been partnered with Kenton Sternhammer, son of his old Viking pal Wulf, on a job on Protoz…

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OUT NOW: 2000 AD Prog 2080