Out Today: ‘Petals Left Unplucked’ – Scrappy Indie From Stock Footage

Out Today: ‘Petals Left Unplucked’ – Scrappy Indie From Stock Footage

Stock Footage


An Eerie Look Into Love


Petals Left Unplucked

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STREAM/SHARE – Petals Left Unplucked

NEW YORK, NY (March 2nd, 2018)

NYC-via-Chicago indie punk band Stock Footage are back with their brand new track Petals Left Unplucked which premiered on Live in Limbo and is available now on all digital platforms. The song is the second single off of their upcoming EP “Anywhere But Here” which is set to drop on 3/30.

The fuzzy, ragged, guitar tone against Jake DeRango’s yearning vocal reflects the conflict within the song’s conception. DeRango was inspired by the timeless imagery of picking petals from a flower in the game of ‘she loves me, she loves me not’. A process that perhaps gains a sinister edge when that love is clearly unrequited. Exploring the uncertainty within the game, DeRango drew a parallel with rock music’s darker love songs  “I wanted to try to draw out that line between romantic and creepy”, he says.

“Anywhere But Here”  is the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Nerves And Lead‘, which caught The Deli’s attention for it’s “pounding nostalgic indie rock melodies”.

About Stock Footage

Stock Footage was formed in Chicago in 2014 by Jake DeRango (guitar/vocals). He asked long time friend Tom Pilcher (drums) to help structure songs Jake wrote. They had an instant musical chemistry, having played together previously in the Rockford, Illinois based band Imaginary Heroes. Tom and Jake worked on crafting Stock Footage’s unique fuzzy, hook based indie rock sound. With Brendan Smith (bass), Stock Footage began playing shows as a power trio at mainstay Chicago venues like Quenchers and The Burlington

In 2015, Stock Footage released “Nerves and Lead”. The four song EP captures Jake’s pop sensibilities as a songwriter and the band’s dynamic style. Each song has its own unique feel, while somehow never loosing the band’s voice.

Jake moved to Brooklyn in 2016. Since then, he has been playing solo shows while auditioning members for a new live line-up. Stock Footage is putting the finishing touches on “Anywhere but Here”, a six song EP that Jake and Tom recorded together in Chicago

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Out Today: ‘Petals Left Unplucked’ – Scrappy Indie From Stock Footage