Panteon Shares "January Keeper" Video Via Atwood Magazine | Debut EP, Travel Log 1, Out Now

Panteon Shares "January Keeper" Video Via Atwood Magazine | Debut EP, Travel Log 1, Out Now




LISTEN Panteon – Travel Log 1 EP

WATCH Panteon – “January Keeper

WATCH Panteon – “White Jaguar
LISTEN Panteon – “Ballyvaughan


“The nom de plume of Brooklyn-based, German-born Yvonne Ambrée, Panteon is the musical embodiment of human experience – the merging of travel and connection, wisdom and weather, questions and answers.”
– Atwood Magazine
“Travel Log 1, the debut EP by New York indie artist Panteon, is a reminder that the world we live in is capable of magical moments. The six tracks present on the record comprise a cohesive whole of dream-like intrigue. The moments and the places that inspired the EP are all very much tangible.”
– PopMatters
“Ambrée clearly knows how to package her music, and should be one to watch in the future.”
– The 405
“A place like this could pull the poetry out of anyone, but there’s something in the way Ambrée expresses it with her dreamy vocals, introspective lyrics, and sonic precision.”
– Impose Magazine


Brooklyn-based indie-folk singer songwriter, Panteon shares her new video, “January Keeper,” which debuted yesterday on Atwood Magazine and is now available today for feature. The new track comes from Panteon’s, debut EP, Travel Log 1, out now.
Curated, written, produced and performed by Yvonne Ambrée, the debut EP is inspired by travels across Europe and The Americas, each composition serving as an ode to the experience of a specific locale. True to its name, the 6 tracks are a charmed soundscape built for going down the road, through the sea, and into the sky. Gorgeous photos (taken by Ambrée herself) of the locations highlighted on the EP were also taken to accompany the tracks, and can be seen in the artwork.

An accomplished vocalist, songwriter and musician, Ambrée has traveled the world touring and working with a wide range of artists, such as Sleigh Bells, Little Boots, Lulu Gainsbourg, Eli “Paperboy” Reed and legendary soul singers, such as Syl Johnson, Ann Sexton and Gwen McCrae. She is also one-half of the critically acclaimed duo Take Berlin (who’s debut EP, Lionize, was named “Top 10 Ep’s of 2013” by The Huffington Post, UK).

Recorded in Berlin, Brooklyn (Crown Heights, Bunker Studios) and the legendary Sear Sound in Manhattan (John Lennon, David Bowie, Fleet Foxes), Panteon’s impeccably composed brand of folk-pop showcases masterful storytelling marked by striking melodies. Mixed by Canadian producer Howie Beck (Feist, Jamie Lidell, Chilly Gonzales), Ambrée’s sonic precision was paramount while building the EP. Ambrée enlisted some of NY’s most notable session musicians, including Snarky Puppy’s Jay Jennings on flugelhorn (“Ballyvaughan”) and bass player Grant Zubritsky (Chet Faker/Nick Murphy, MS MR) on “White Jaguar.”

The six tracks – four songs and two interludes – weave narratives of identity and discovery. “January Keeper” began while walking over the Charles Bridge in Prague and was recorded in Berlin while in temporary exile from the US. White Jaguar” is an ode to the Kogi of Colombia, an indigenous civilization, who still live the same way they did 400 years ago, and consider themselves as the guardians of the earth. “Ballyvaughan” evokes the rugged natural terrain of western Ireland, rocky with the unyielding presence of the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, “Hudson” describes a life in isolation and rebellion in upstate NY.




Feb 3 – Lübeck (GER), Tonfink


Feb 4 – Bremen (GER), Kalle

Feb 6 – Osnabrück (GER), Zauber von Os

Feb 8 – Berlin (GER), Parchtwerk

Feb 9 – Marburg (GER), Q

Feb 10 – Wiesbaden (GER), Wakker

Feb 11 – Offenbach (GER), Hafen 2

Feb 13 – Amsterdam (NL), De Nieuwe Anita

Feb 15 – Chemnitz (GER), Lokomov

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01. January Keeper
02. Interlude – Charlevoix
03. White Jaguar
04. Interlude – San Victorino
05. Ballyvaughan
06. Hudson



Panteon was born of a desire to ensconce oneself in exotic, oftentimes remote locations around the world and document whatever emotions and stories are evoked.

The logbook of a musical journey-woman navigating unfamiliar terrain and allowing herself to be moved in hopes to better understand and accept her own elusive story.

It is the nom de plume of Yvonne Ambrée, who as a child grew up behind the wall in East Berlin and to whom boundary and immersion have deeper implications.

Traveling solo save for a smattering of musical accouterment and notebooks to gather field recordings and pen new music.

Panteon is a musical projectionist but is Ambrée projecting herself into the environment or the other way around?

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Panteon Shares "January Keeper" Video Via Atwood Magazine | Debut EP, Travel Log 1, Out Now