Parsons Rocket Project – Parsons Rocket Project EP 11 August 2017

Parsons Rocket Project – Parsons Rocket Project EP 11 August 2017

Hailing from Atlanta, Parsons Rocket Project takes its name from American rocket propulsion engineer, chemist, and occultist Jack Parsons.  The band formed in 2015 when drummer, lyricist, and titular figurehead Jody Hasty started collaborating with bassist Paul Curry, guitarist Jeff Holt, and multi-instrumentalist producer/engineer Benjamin Price at Studilaroche in Atlanta. They were later joiined by K. Michelle Dubois on vocals.

The band laid down the tracks for this six track debut EP, in the very studio, where Benjamin Price has also worked on releases by Gang of Four and The Hives, among others. The album was mastered by Joe Lambert (Lou Reed, Animal Collective, The National, Hot Chip, Deerhunter, Panda Bear, Washed Out).

Parsons Rocket Project’s musical output is a mixture of ambient, dream pop, indie and space rock, infulenced  in varying defress by the likes of Mercury Rev and Deu one minute before reminding of  Slowdive or Trespassers William, in a stroke perking office occasional identikit ears, is iy a case of shades of what was once more? Or a functional revisit? I’ve vowed never to sit in blsck and white. leaning thoughtdully, at times cupping a non-exsistant beard for deeper understanding, so these questions may not be fully answered, instead lets take a closer look at the self-titled album.

Former single ‘Exit Launch’ opens proceedings with aplomb, two minutes and twenty two seconds of Jeff Holt’s drifting guitar soundscapes underpin K. Michelle Dubois Mazzy Star like vocal delivery, detailing tales of pain and happiness. Followed by a strong instrumental palette in the form of ‘Interlude I’. ‘Burn’ sounds brighter and more pointed by comparison proving not everything has to be sonic drift.

The new single ‘Solar Flare’ works well, a more purposely arranged song, sounding more robust, showing another side to Parsons Rocket Project. Collectively have served up something worthy, if not quite yet fully formed sound wise, they make up for in song writing departments, their is enough here on their debut album to spark interest to the many, least that’s my hope. 7.8/10

Steve Janes


The new video was produced, shot and edited by Steven Quinn with mountain footage provided by Deep Water Surf and shuttle footage courtesy of Pexels & Creative Commons. “I wanted to merge the look and feel of early 90’s shoegaze  imagery with crisp natural elements.  The song was the absolute driving force of inspiration,” explains Steven Quinn.

The eponymous ‘Parsons Rocket Project’ EP is out now and can be obtained at

Jody Hasty – Lyrics, Synth, Electric Piano, Drums
Paul Curry – Bass
Benjamin Price – Guitar, Percussion, Midnight Editing
Jeff Holt – Guitar
K. Michelle Dubois – Vocals
Thad Goad – Logo and Sleeve Design
Anne Nicoletti, Jennifer Colson Demer, Michelle Barnette – Backing Vocals (Interlude II)
Produced and Engineered by Benjamin Price at StudilaRoche in Atlanta
Mastered by Joe Lambert, at Joe Lambert Mastering in New Jersey



1 Exit Launch

2 Interlude I
3 Burn

4 One Moor Call

5 Solar Flare

6 Interlude II

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Parsons Rocket Project – Parsons Rocket Project EP 11 August 2017