Photon – ‘ra 4682’ Stuart Moxham tribute compilation (Beko Disques)

Photon – ‘ra 4682’ Stuart Moxham tribute compilation (Beko Disques)

A brand-new compilation of tracks in tribute to the various compositions of Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giants, The G!st, solo work and with Louis Philippe and The Original Artists, Moxham & Halliday). Titled, “Stuart Moxham in the Straight World,” the new LP also includes an exclusive track from a forthcoming album to be released by Moxham, as well as a new version of the G!st’s track, “Being True,” reimagined in the aptly titled, “Being True II.”

All sixteen tracks were compiled via musician and curator Michael Korchia (of Bordeaux, France’s wondrous pop groups Watoo Watoo, Photon and Melicoton). Realise that for some this battage of info might be off putting somewhat, reast assured we are all here to talk music

For, the first ‘Discobolus’ feels like a amicable, discolated pop more akin to early Cure than anything else, with an european mainland vocal. What follows echoes musically to lost times of invention as well as lyrically of a for, of emersion in ‘Lost In Your Dreams’,  Whereas ‘Décembre’ is pure dream alt pop I get lost in, only to be dragged away from thoughts of time travel, just as ‘Dive’ begins, quickly woken up to near sense, I am suitably lyrically slapped, that’s a new one. ‘Demain’ again sung in French, is a at times delicate, haunting, with a sci-fi feel, compared to the more driving ‘November’  a rich slice of dark, to the lighter ‘You’ll never come back’, but it’s the final ‘Si tu me crois’ that would almost result in more time being spent of looking all moody and purposeful at deserted motorway services for no particular reason. Such is the soundtrack, clearly transportative.

This newly formed group cover a lot of mostly post-punk fare for the ‘ra 4682’ compilation With works stemming from personal relationships Korchia has built up with artists and friends from across Europe, South America, Asia, and North America over the years, he was able to bring a varied cast of international friends together for this very special compilation to honor Moxham while also including him in celebration of his works. All profits will go to Stuart.

To try and sum up the many parts and fertile ground covered or to the inventive surge behind the ‘ra 4682’ release, I am a little lost for words, just lost in gratitude they did, Never the everyday, 8/10

Steve Janes

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Photon – ‘ra 4682’ Stuart Moxham tribute compilation (Beko Disques)