Pioneers CIRCLE OF DUST: new lyric vid on album release day

Pioneers CIRCLE OF DUST: new lyric vid on album release day

CIRCLE OF DUST launches lyric video feat. CELLDWELLER on album release day

Industrial pioneer CIRCLE OF DUST has unveiled new lyric video ‘Embracing Entropy’, taken from the new full-length studio album Machines of Our Disgrace released today via FiXT.
‘Embracing Entropy’ is a high energy mid-tempo track featuring CIRCLE OF DUST‘s more electronic alter-ego, Celldweller. Check it out here:


Machines of Our Disgrace is currently metal charting on iTunes at #7 UK, #4 USA, #3 Canada #2 Russia and at #21 on Amazon!
Created by artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller, Circle of Dust returns with its first album after a 20 year hiatus.
Machines of Our Disgrace sees Klayton return to his industrial roots with metal riffs, pulsing electronics and catchy songwriting. Klayton incorporates both aggressive and melodic vocals with thought-provoking lyrics about man’s technological evolution – songs like ‘Contagion’ and the title track ‘Machines of Our Disgrace’ questioning our relationship with technology while alt_Human’ and Neurachem’ explore the world of biohacking and genetic modification.

1. re_Engage
2. Machines of Our Disgrace
3. Contagion
4. Embracing Entropy (feat. Celldweller)
5. Humanarchy
6. Signal
7. alt_Human
8. Hive Mind
9. Outside In
10. Neurachem
11. k_OS
12. Neophyte
13. Malacandra


More information On Circle of Dust
Circle of Dust
, the 90s industrial / electronic-rock project created by visionary artist/producer Klayton, marked the beginning of the musical career of the man who later went on to create independent success as Celldweller, as well as forming his own label – FiXT. Along with four full-length Circle of Dust albums in the 90s (Circle of Dust, Brainchild, Metamorphosis, Disengage), Klayton created a side-project under the name Argyle Park, which featured a vast collection of guest collaborators, including Tommy Victor of Prong, J.G. Thirlwell of Foetus and Mark Salomon (Stavesacre/Crucified).


Locked away collecting “dust” for 20+ years, the rights to the Circle of Dust & Argyle Park albums were unavailable to Klayton as the original labels they were signed to shut down in the mid-90s. After 2 decades of pursuing a deal to re-gain ownership of the albums, Klayton was finally able to reclaim the rights in 2015.


As Klayton began planning the remastering and re-release of the original albums, a new idea began to grow. He decided to not only re-release each album, but to fully resurrect the project and create a new full-length Circle of Dust album, to be released December 2016, nearly 20 years after the last release.


Not only are all the re-releases completely remastered, but each includes demos, unreleased bonus tracks, acoustic/alternate versions of tracks as well as some new remixes.

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Pioneers CIRCLE OF DUST: new lyric vid on album release day