Plank! / / Aphidelity – released 12th December 2013 on Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings

Plank! / / Aphidelity – released 12th December 2013 on Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings

Moving away from the dense Kraut grooves of 2012’s Animalism LP, PLANK reimagine the sounds of a 1970’s police shoot out high on angel dust with the reverberations of Studio 54 still ringing in your ears. Tripped out disco, looped analog electronics, Manchester’s PLANK do disco, warped disco and pull it off in style.
Plank! release new single ‘Aphidelity’ on aA Recordings

They’d hinted at it on the more synthetically put together passages within the sprawling designs of 2012’s debut LP Animalism; but now Plank! have fully taken the plunge into gloriously off-kilter pop instrumentals and limb-seducing oscillations, with the arrival of brilliant new single ‘Aphidelity,’ from their forthcoming second album on Manchester label Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings.

Stream new single ‘Aphidelity’ here

“Me and [bassist] Ed [Troup] have been listening to a lot of the great 80’s bands, Talk Talk, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, Tears For Fears,” says guitarist Dave Rowe of adding a glistening finish to his group’s constantly inquisitive rhythm-driven wanderings. “We’ve pushed some of these influences on to the tune by use of chorus pedals and funky bass lines, to using a straight up four to the floor beat.” So it is that ‘Aphidelity’ starts off like something coming out of 1970’s Detroit before opening up into panoramic world of probing synth lines and Nile Rodgers disco licks, the live percussion moving away from the heavy motorik of the previous record and towards something more buoyant and playful. It comes coupled with the more pondering ‘Pupal Stage,’ providing the soft come down after the high of its flipside.

It’s been a time of change for Plank!, following the success of their debut LP Animalism; they enjoyed the adulation of sectors of the music press, DJ Marc Riley and made appearances at Beacons, Green Man and the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. They also changed drummers during this period, with Liam Stewart coming in to replace Johnny Winbolt-Lewis. “We’d been working on a side project with Liam for a couple of months previously anyway,” says Rowe. “He was the obvious choice for the job and having a new member made it easier to start afresh. He’s more in tune with mine and Ed’s heavier leanings too.”

The change of direction evident on ‘Aphidelity’ isn’t total; there are enough tangents and rabbit-holes to within it and ‘Pupal Stage’ alone to suggest the trio are going to be predictably unpredictable again on album number two. “There was no conscious decision to change direction,” says Rowe, “we try to just write the music as it comes. We do end up veering away from what other people are doing though… when you hear the rest of the album you’ll realise we’ve definitely not made a cosmic disco record.”

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Plank! / / Aphidelity – released 12th December 2013 on Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings