The Plastic Attraction – ‘No Foresight’ Single

The Plastic Attraction – ‘No Foresight’ Single

The Plastic Attraction

‘No Foresight’
The Plastic Attraction is the lovechild of four childhood friends from the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia – Liam (vocals), Matt (guitar/vocals), Horna (bass/ vocals) and Chris (drums/vocals). They grew up together on a diet of gratuitous guitar solos, pop anthems and late nights singing harmonies at house parties.
The band released their debut single, ‘Holding You’, in August 2016. The single was met with critical acclaim by radio stations, blogs and the band members’ parents. Sounds of Oz reported that the band had “hit a home run with its debut single” and Eat Sleep Breathe Music similarly praised the band’s release, saying “with its first melodies you are instantly attracted to their 90s vibe”.
‘No Foresight’ is the band’s follow-up single to its August debut. And, like the debut, the band was supported in its production by industry heavyweights: recorded by Tristan Sturmer at Sumo Sound Studios (Sparrow, Verge Collection, Make Way For Man); mixing by Andy Lawson at Debaser Studios (Tired Lion, Eskimo Joe); and mastering by the master himself, Leon Zervos at Studios 301 (Boy & Bear, Art vs Science, Last Dinosaurs).
Lead singer, Liam, recalls “I’ll never forget how ‘No Foresight’ started its life. We were at a rehearsal and Matt (guitarist) said he wanted to show us a new riff he’d come up with. He let loose playing what is now the chorus riff, and it was one of those moments when everyone was like ‘yes!’ this is our next song! The track spiralled from there, with the instruments materialising very quickly”. He adds, “I was playing around with a few different ideas for the vocal parts and I ended up finishing them on a camping trip to Esperance (in the south-east of Western Australia)”.

‘No Foresight’ is a mix of frenetic beats and a fuzzy-buzzy meld of guitar and bass. Set against this backdrop, the lyrics spin a story of angsty pain – it’s a melodic push back to the persecutor, the bully, the tormentor – it’s catharsis on the dance floor!
In anticipation of the release of No Foresight, The Plastic Attraction will be playing at Four5Nine (North Perth) on Sunday 18 December 2016 (doors at 8:30pm).
Upcoming Shows:
Sun 18th Dec – Four5Nine, North Perth WA @ 8:30

“No Foresight” by THE PLASTIC ATTRACTION will be released 21st of December 2016.



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The Plastic Attraction – ‘No Foresight’ Single